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The purified water equipment is unable to produce water. What's the matter

The purified water equipment is unable to produce water. What's the matter

Mar 22,2021

The purified water equipment is unable to produce water. What's the matter?


In the process of pharmaceutical production, special purified water equipment is often needed to produce water. Purified water equipment can effectively remove impurities and desalination. It has the characteristics of stable and reliable water production, easy operation, low operation and maintenance costs, and environmental protection. It can meet the needs of medical testing water, biopharmaceutical water, and medical supplies in the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry and the improvement of GMP requirements, the demand for purified water equipment for water treatment has gradually expanded, and the development prospects are broad. At present, the purified water equipment products on the market cover a wide range, and major companies have seized the opportunity to continue to make efforts to create more purified water equipment that can meet the high-standard water demand in the fields of pharmaceutical production, and escort the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry. .




It is worth mentioning that the use of purified water equipment is often accompanied by some problems, such as performance deterioration, excessive water supply, sharp rise in pressure difference, reduction in salt removal rate, drop in water quality, and even inability to produce water. Circumstances have hindered the water production process of pharmaceutical companies.


Recently, some users said that their purified water equipment could not produce water. What happened? A manufacturer of purified water equipment replied that the equipment cannot produce water and needs to be analyzed in two situations, one of which is for the normal operation of the high-pressure pump, and the other is the failure of the high-pressure pump.


Among them, for the situation where the high-pressure pump can work normally but there is a water production failure, it is necessary to carefully check whether the high-pressure pump of the equipment has a pressure loss failure and whether there is a problem with the water treatment accessories and consumables. If there is a fault that requires further treatment to meet the requirements of normal water production; if the user finds that neither waste water nor pure water is discharged or only a small amount of waste water is discharged during inspection, it may be that the pre-filter is clogged and needs to be corrected. The pre-filter is dredged. However, if only waste water is discharged but no pure water is discharged, this situation is generally caused by the blockage of the check valve.




In addition to the above-mentioned exclusion methods, if the solenoid valve fails and cannot be started effectively, there will also be a situation where water cannot be produced. Therefore, the user needs to check the solenoid valve and deal with it in time after finding the problem.




The industry pointed out that although the breakdown of purified water equipment is very common, if users do not pay attention to maintenance during normal use, it is difficult to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment, let alone improve the water quality of the equipment, so this also reminds users that they need to strengthen Equipment maintenance work.




Then, how to maintain the purified water display? On the one hand, it is necessary to arrange relevant staff with professional capabilities to clean the purified water equipment regularly to remove dust, oil stains, dirt and other substances on the surface of the equipment. At the same time, the equipment should be checked regularly, regularly and at fixed points to ensure that the various devices of the water system are in good condition. , This can also detect potential faults in advance and deal with them in time.




On the other hand, timely replacement of consumable materials is also very important. Some factory technicians said that the filter element and other consumables can be replaced regularly according to the condition of the raw water and the replacement cycle preset by the system. "According to the use of the equipment, some parts should be disassembled, cleaned, repaired or replaced to ensure that the various components of the water system are in good operating condition and improve the quality of the produced water. For example, the filter element of the security filter usually takes 1 to 3 months. Disassembly and washing. If the treatment effect is still poor after disassembly and washing, it is recommended to replace it."