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To ensure drug safety, the selection and maintenance of coating machine cannot be ignored

To ensure drug safety, the selection and maintenance of coating machine cannot be ignored

Mar 22,2021

To ensure drug safety, the selection and maintenance of Coating machine cannot be ignored


The coating machine is a kind of organic film coating, water-soluble film coating, slow and controlled release coating for tablets, pills, candy, etc. It is an energy-saving, safe and clean mechatronics equipment, suitable for pharmaceuticals , Chemical, food and other industries. Among them, in the pharmaceutical industry, the main purpose of coating is to improve the appearance of the tablet, prevent moisture, avoid light, cover up bitterness or bad odor, and control the release location and release rate of the drug.


In recent years, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the coating machine market has also ushered in good development opportunities. It is worth noting that while welcoming opportunities, fierce market competition has also followed, and coating machine companies have begun to face more challenges and new requirements. It is understood that in order to better ensure the stability of drugs, many coating machine manufacturers have begun to improve and upgrade their equipment.




For example, companies with coating machine have developed small coating machines based on user requirements. This kind of coating machine occupies a small space and can save space and cost for enterprises. According to reports, the working principle of the small coating machine is similar to that of the coating machine. The coated tablet core is controlled by the programmable control system in the drum of the coating machine to make it continuous, continuous and repetitive. Make complex trajectory movements. At present, small coating machines are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, for sugar coating of tablets and pills, rolling food and chemical products.


There is also a coating machine manufacturer that specifically designed and developed a new type of automatic coating machine for the coating process solutions of various tablets, pills, and granules. According to reports, the new automatic coating machine has an overall open front design that can clean the interior at a high speed to achieve the effect of zero dead ends. At the same time, the open installation area and pot body are convenient for replacement and maintenance space, with a unique airbag sealing structure and a fully sealed cavity.




On the whole, there are various types of domestic coating machine, and with the development and rapid progress of technology, more and more products with different functions are still emerging one after another. However, it should be noted that at the same time, pharmaceutical companies have also made difficulties when choosing equipment. In this regard, industry insiders suggest that when choosing coating machine, pharmaceutical companies should consider the properties of the product, the size of the plain tablet, the fragility, the hardness, and the characteristics of the drug according to actual needs, so as to choose the one that suits them. Production equipment.


In addition, industry insiders also pointed out that the key to coating operation is to grasp the relationship between temperature, spray volume, and speed. Enterprises also need to pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance of coating machines. Take the daily maintenance of small coating machines as an example. , It mainly includes the following four points: 1. The lubricating oil in the reduction box and the lubricating grease in the rolling bearing cavity and the oil-proof seal ring at the end of the worm shaft should be replaced regularly. Second, if the coating pan is not used for a long time, it should be scrubbed clean and the surface should be coated with oil. Third, the spray gun should be flushed with clean water and pressurized after each shift to prevent the mouth from being blocked. If clogging occurs, the operator should refer to the instructions for cleaning. Fourth, in order to ensure that the worm gear in the reduction box meets the lubrication conditions of the transmission, the temperature rise of the box body during operation should not exceed 50°C.




In general, as the demand for pharmaceutical machinery and equipment by pharmaceutical companies is increasing and the requirements are getting higher and higher, coating machine, as an indispensable equipment in the pharmaceutical process, will continue to be enriched in types. Technically, it will continue to improve. In addition, more and more styles and high-quality coating machine will continue to emerge. In this context, companies need to pay more attention to the selection and maintenance of coating machine.