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To ensure pharmaceutical safety, it is important to update production equipment in the pharmaceutical

To ensure pharmaceutical safety, it is important to update production equipment in the pharmaceutical

Mar 22,2021

To ensure pharmaceutical safety, it is important to update production equipment in the pharmaceutical workshop


With the increasing demand in the pharmaceutical market, the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry has begun to grow in recent years and has gradually developed into a major pharmaceutical equipment production country. Moreover, with the rapid development of modern science and technology, the product quality and performance of domestic pharmaceutical equipment have begun to improve. Many new products are increasingly making up for the gaps in my countrys high-end pharmaceutical equipment, such as new preparation process equipment and large-scale bioreactors. And ancillary systems, flexible sterile preparation production lines, continuous solid preparation production equipment, etc.




But it is worth noting that in the pharmaceutical workshop, no matter what type of pharmaceutical equipment, it has a certain service life. When it reaches the designed service life, it needs to be scrapped and replaced in time to ensure production safety. Take cooling tower packing as an example. It is a key component of the cooling tower's heat exchange. Its quality and function largely determine the cooling capacity of the cooling tower. When the filler is used for a period of time, due to wind and sun, and long-term algae erosion, it is very easy to weather, rot and block the cooling tower filler. At this time, it is necessary to replace the filler in time according to the situation. Or equipment update.




In addition to the replacement of equipment due to equipment problems or expiration of service life, the author also learned that some pharmaceutical companies will also actively update equipment in the process of upgrading and transformation. It is understood that some pharmaceutical companies have previously announced that the company needs to carry out technical transformation of the freeze-dried powder injection production line in the preparation workshop, so it plans to stop production for about one month. It is understood that after the completion of this transformation, the company's preparation production line will have the conditions to produce a variety of specifications of freeze-dried powder injection products, providing support for the pilot test of new products and the restoration of production of some approved products.




In fact, many pharmaceutical companies currently have plans for equipment transformation and renewal in their production lines. In this regard, industry insiders analyzed that this is mainly to facilitate the production of pharmaceutical companies and improve product quality. In recent years, with the stricter supervision of the pharmaceutical industry, the production and management level of modern pharmaceutical companies has gradually improved, and more and more attention has been paid to the safety of pharmaceutical equipment. Therefore, renewal is also becoming the new normal in the industry. It is expected that in the future, in order to continuously meet the market demand for drugs and the continuous improvement of drug quality and safety, more companies will increase production efficiency and better ensure pharmaceutical safety by renewing and upgrading the equipment produced in the pharmaceutical workshop.


The industry believes that as the manufacturing industry, including the pharmaceutical industry, will accelerate the upgrading and transformation with innovation as the core, the renewal and upgrading of production equipment in the pharmaceutical workshops of pharmaceutical companies will further accelerate. The reason for this conclusion is that many pharmaceutical companies are currently transforming from standardized mass production to personalized customized production, and users are paying more and more attention to personalized products or services.




Secondly, in recent years, as the labor cost of pharmaceutical companies has continued to rise and the pressure on production capacity has increased, their demand for high-intelligence equipment updates has also expanded, and they have become more fully automated and intelligent production models. The link will also need more automated and intelligent pharmaceutical equipment that can help it reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Judging from the current status of the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry, the industry is indeed moving towards a high-quality, automated, and intelligent trend. However, it is worth noting that domestic equipment also has bottleneck problems including weak technology, weak stability, quality to be improved, hidden safety hazards, and easy pollution to the environment. In the future, if my country wants to develop from a big country in pharmaceutical equipment to a strong country in pharmaceutical equipment, relevant equipment companies also need to pay attention to and increase investment in equipment renewal and equipment technological transformation, and continue to help pharmaceutical companies improve product quality and production capacity, and increase labor productivity. Reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce production costs.




In general, in the context of the country's continuous advancement and regulation of the development of the pharmaceutical industry, and the need for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy under the high pressure of environmental protection, production line transformation and equipment renewal will become issues that all pharmaceutical companies have to consider in their development. It will become more common in the industry in the future.