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Be a good Guardian of pharmaceutical workshop equipment to ensure product quality and safety

Be a good Guardian of pharmaceutical workshop equipment to ensure product quality and safety

Jan 25,2021

Be a good "Guardian" of pharmaceutical workshop equipment to ensure product quality and safety


The rapid development of modern science and technology has not only brought high efficiency to pharmaceutical production, but also greatly improved the quality of drugs. But stable pharmaceutical production needs to be established in the good operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is of great significance to carry out scientific and professional maintenance and management of pharmaceutical equipment faults, as well as regular maintenance of the equipment.


Pharmaceutical enterprises need to improve the awareness of equipment maintenance and management




It is understood that some equipment introduced by pharmaceutical workshops of many enterprises in earlier years will increase unstable factors if the service life is too long, which will bring hidden dangers to pharmaceutical production. For example, in some injection workshop code line scanning station, the phenomenon of false culling occasionally occurs, some machines do not have time to scan will cause false culling, affecting production efficiency. Therefore, it is very important to repair the aged equipment in time to solve the problems.


"But in fact, many pharmaceutical companies have no plan to maintain their equipment. Once the equipment is broken, they just want to repair it. They have no awareness of maintenance at ordinary times." Some enterprise personnel reported that it is the case of many pharmaceutical enterprises to carry out post maintenance of equipment. In addition, as most enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized, the expensive maintenance cost of equipment also makes many enterprises "very difficult".


In recent years, with the increasingly strict supervision of the pharmaceutical industry, the production and management level of modern pharmaceutical enterprises has been gradually improved, and more attention has been paid to the maintenance and management of pharmaceutical equipment. However, due to the complex structure of pharmaceutical equipment, and the lack of professional talents in the pharmaceutical machinery industry, many who understand pharmaceutical technology do not understand equipment maintenance and operation, so pharmaceutical enterprises need to recruit professional talents in equipment maintenance and management, and carry out effective personnel training to ensure the scientific and smooth operation of production equipment.


How to improve the quality and level of equipment maintenance management?




The industry believes that pharmaceutical enterprises should establish a maintenance management mechanism in line with the development of enterprises, improve the quality and level of equipment maintenance management, so as to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical.


First, special personnel can be arranged to adhere to the equipment inspection and inspection system. The inspection contents include: the process of equipment operation, whether the operation is standardized, and the operation status of the equipment. For the equipment with problems, it is necessary to report to the relevant person in charge in time, so as to arrange personnel for professional maintenance and scientific management, so as to ensure the good operation of the follow-up equipment.


Second, strengthen the management of equipment before application. Before the application of the equipment, it is necessary to check the environment of the equipment, the water and electricity requirements of the equipment foundation, and cooperate with the equipment manufacturer to complete the early installation of the equipment through effective acceptance, installation, commissioning and other work. In addition, after a detailed understanding of the structural characteristics and working principle of the equipment, it is also beneficial for the enterprise personnel to have a foundation for the subsequent maintenance management of the equipment.


Third, the stable operation of the equipment is inseparable from scientific and professional maintenance. Enterprise equipment maintenance management personnel should formulate a scientific and strict maintenance system. For example, some pharmaceutical companies have established four levels of equipment maintenance system to ensure the good operation of equipment. Among them, the first level maintenance is mainly to clean the surface of the equipment; the second level maintenance is to remove the rust and dust inside the equipment; the third level maintenance is mainly to replace some seriously worn mechanical parts such as electronic components scientifically; the fourth level maintenance is mainly to evaluate the quality and performance of the equipment comprehensively, and to clean and repair the equipment comprehensively Check the parts, and effectively solve the negligence of the above three maintenance methods.




In addition, in the view of the industry, equipment maintenance personnel also need to improve the awareness of risk management and control, should have the ability to detect problems earlier and quickly solve problems, so as to further protect the production of drugs, reduce the management cost of enterprises, and improve the economic and social benefits of enterprises.