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The knowledge of rotary tablet press is worthy of attention

The knowledge of rotary tablet press is worthy of attention

Jan 27,2021

The knowledge of rotary tablet press is worthy of attention


Rotary tablet press is a kind of automatic rotation, continuous tablet press miniaturization machine, equipped with overload protection device, when the pressure overload can automatically stop. The rotary tablet press improves the uniformity of the tablet density and reduces the phenomenon of crack loosening.




Main features:

1. Production of a variety of discs and shaped pieces.

2. The doors and windows equipped with transparent glass can clearly observe the state of lamination and prevent pollution. The side panel can be fully opened for easy internal cleaning and maintenance. The parts in contact with drugs are made of stainless steel by precision machining, which can maintain the surface luster and prevent cross contamination, and meet the GMP requirements. The support frame is made of aluminum alloy, which can be disassembled independently for transportation.

3. The layout of all controllers and operating parts is reasonable.

4. Frequency conversion speed regulation device is used for electrical speed regulation, which is convenient to operate, stable to rotate, safe and accurate.

5. Implement mechatronics.




The rotary tablet press adopts frequency conversion technology to replace the mechanical speed regulation of stepless speed regulation motor. The advantage of frequency control is energy saving and consumption reduction, reliable control, stable operation and low noise. The frequency converter has many protection functions, such as over-voltage, low voltage and over-current. The output parameters can monitor the actuator in real time. In case of any abnormality, the protection function acts. The frequency converter controls the main motor to stop running, and displays the fault code to indicate the cause of the fault, which further ensures the safe and reliable operation of the motor.




Maintenance instructions for rotary tablet press:

1. Regularly check the parts of rotary tablet press once or twice a month. The inspection items are whether the worm gear, worm, bearing, pressing wheel, crankshaft, upper and lower guide rail and other moving parts rotate flexibly and wear. If any defect is found, it should be repaired and used in time.

2. After one use or shutdown, take out the residual powder and brush off the residual powder of the machine. If the machine is out of service for a long time, remove all the dies and wipe the machine clean. The smooth surface of the machine shall be coated with anti rust oil and covered with cloth awning.

3. The maintenance of the die should be placed in the iron box with cover, so that the die is completely immersed in the oil and kept clean, so as not to rust and bruise. The customized iron box can be packed in one box with each specification, which can avoid wrong installation and help to master the damage situation.

4. The place of use should be cleaned frequently, especially for the manufacture of medicine and edible tablets.




The rotary tablet press has concentrated the good technical features of most tablet presses, and has made great improvements in machine structure and operation control. The structure of the machine adopts universal base body, universal shape and replaceable punching plate body, so as to realize the exchange of one machine.


That's what LTPM CHINA rotary tablet press brings to you. I hope you like it.