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Hot air circulation oven several major maintenance precautions, quickly write down

Hot air circulation oven several major maintenance precautions, quickly write down

Jan 19,2021

Hot air circulation oven several major maintenance precautions, quickly write down


Hot air circulation oven is a common equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. In the process of use and maintenance, we must follow the relevant principles and grasp the relevant precautions, so as to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and the smooth drying production process.




In the process of operating the equipment, it should be noted that when the equipment is powered on, the operator should not touch the part of the electric appliance on the left side of the box by hand, or wipe it with wet cloth and wash it with water; do not place the goods in the box too crowded, and leave enough space for the moist air to escape on the top of the wind. Special person should be responsible for the use of the equipment, and the external power supply should be cut off at the end of the equipment operation to avoid the occurrence of accidents.


The maintenance of equipment is an important condition to extend the service life of equipment. It is understood that in the past, many people did not pay attention to the maintenance of hot air circulation oven, which was in a state of barbaric production and lacked the plan of maintenance equipment.




It's very common that people think of repairing the equipment after it breaks down, there is no maintenance at all, they don't pay attention to the preventive maintenance of the equipment, they are reluctant to pay for the equipment, they almost always repair it afterwards, they spend a lot of money on it, and so on. In recent years, with the increasing cost pressure of pharmaceutical enterprises, the maintenance of equipment has begun to pay more attention.


At present, due to a lot of domestic maintenance and operation personnel training is not in place, as well as limited professional and technical ability, the level of equipment maintenance is low. Therefore, pharmaceutical enterprises need to strengthen the training intensity and professionalism, improve the level of maintenance equipment, in order to make the equipment to maintain a longer run.




The operation and maintenance personnel should receive professional safety technical training, master the basic structure and operation rules of the box, and learn maintenance knowledge. Some factory technicians said that the maintenance of hot air circulation oven also needs to pay attention to the following matters.


First, the equipment should be placed in a well ventilated and dark environment, do not fully contact with the wall, and do not place other objects around.


Second, when the equipment is used for the first time, it may produce slight smoke and smell due to heating of the antirust coating. After two times of use, it will return to normal, which does not affect the use. You can slightly open the window for ventilation.


Third, the box power socket should be consistent with the regulated voltage and have reliable grounding to ensure safe operation.


Fourthly, if the door of the box is opened to replace or the goods are put in for a long time, the temperature setting should be lowered or the power switch should be closed for about 5-10 minutes to reduce the temperature surge phenomenon and avoid unnecessary losses.




Fifthly, in order to maintain the beauty of the equipment, do not use acid or alkali and other corrosive articles to wipe the surface. The box can be cleaned regularly with dry cloth.


Sixth, when the temperature is high, attention should be paid to the box temperature to prevent scalding.


Seventh, do not put flammable and explosive materials.


Eighth, pay attention to turn off the power switch after the equipment is used up.


Ninth, there is a fuse in the control box of the equipment. If the equipment is not powered on, you should first check whether there is a problem with the fuse tube. When checking and replacing the fuse tube, you need to cut off the power supply and replace the standard fuse tube of the same model.




In general, the maintenance of hot air circulation oven seems to be simple. In actual operation, operators need to master relevant skills to achieve the expected maintenance effect and ensure the stable operation of production.