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In winter, what are the anti freezing measures for pharmaceutical machines?

In winter, what are the anti freezing measures for pharmaceutical machines?

Dec 7,2020

In winter, what are the anti freezing measures for pharmaceutical machines?


In winter, the temperature is greatly reduced, people often put on thick coats and hats to keep warm, in order to prevent sick cold. In fact, as people are afraid of cold, in the low temperature season, pharmaceutical machines also need to do a good job in heat preservation and antifreeze measures to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. So, what are the anti freezing measures for pharmaceutical machines?


First, in terms of temperature, it is necessary to ensure that the working environment temperature is above zero, and improve the laboratory heating; when heating the laboratory with radiators, it should be noted that the sealed barrel should not be close to the heat source, so as to avoid excessive thermal expansion and softening deformation caused by high temperature. In addition, although the impact of temperature on the pharmaceutical machine is not particularly large, but if the machine is equipped with a gearbox, the temperature should not be too low.


"For example, the winter in the north is very cold, and the temperature in the working room will be very low. In this case, the transmission oil may become viscous and the liquidity will become poor, resulting in the situation that the rotation is not smooth. So at this time, we need to ensure that the temperature in the workshop reaches the standard low temperature Some equipment manufacturers said so.




Second, wipe the lubricating oil. In the low temperature season, the exposed metal parts of pharmaceutical machines should be properly wiped with lubricating oil. In addition, some pharmaceutical machines need to use liquid. After completion, the water should be drained and the water stains should be wiped off. If it is not used for a long time, the lubricating oil should also be wiped.


Third, flexible use of thermal insulation materials, that is, use insulation materials to wrap the parts of the instrument that are easy to freeze or afraid of freezing. When winter comes, timely inspection and frequent sewage discharge should be carried out to prevent the damage of insulation materials of packaging, which will hinder the thermal insulation work of pharmaceutical machinery.




Fourth, heat tracing measures. Steam heat tracing measures are to use pipe steam heating for heat preservation. It is suggested in the industry that the steam insulation pipeline should be checked for smoothness or blockage before heat preservation and steam delivery in winter.


In addition to steam tracing, electric heating belt is also a kind of heat preservation method. It is understood that the electric heat tracing insulation technology is a new type of heating technology that directly transforms electric energy into heat energy. Install thermal insulation cable, wind the heat tracing belt on the instrument or stick it inside the instrument cabinet. However, it should be noted that the length of the tracing Belt should be economical and moderate.


Fifth, pay attention to maintenance. Any long-term operation of equipment requires regular maintenance. So in winter, what are the maintenance measures for pharmaceutical machinery?


The technical personnel of ltpm China pointed out four aspects

1. For installation measures, the appropriate installation site should be selected reasonably, such as the dry place without rain and snow dripping;

2. Spot inspection measures: if possible, special personnel shall be assigned to confirm whether the insulation material is damaged and whether the steam pipeline is blocked;

3. Alarm measures: if conditions permit, sound and light alarm devices with steam leakage or power-off status can be installed to facilitate the detection and timely treatment of hidden dangers of thermal insulation and anti freezing measures;

4. Inspection measures: the person in charge of regional instrument maintenance shall conduct regular inspection according to the scheduled inspection route. During the inspection, it is necessary to check whether the insulation pipeline valve is normal, whether the insulation box is normal, whether the drainage device is normal, whether the insulation material package is in good condition, whether the electric tracing power supply components are normal, etc.


In general, it is very important to understand the antifreeze measures of pharmaceutical machinery. Only when users do a good job in relevant work can they ensure that the equipment will not "catch a cold" in winter and maintain normal and stable operation.