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Annual inventory: four key words of pharmaceutical equipment industry in 2020

Annual inventory: four key words of pharmaceutical equipment industry in 2020

Dec 15,2020

Annual inventory: four key words of pharmaceutical equipment industry in 2020


2020 is coming to an end. For the coming year 2021, I believe that many pharmaceutical machinery people are full of expectations and are fully prepared. Looking back on the development trend of pharmaceutical equipment industry in 2020, the author thinks that four key words can be used to define the concept, which are internationalization, high-end, customized and intelligent.





The data shows that the average growth rate of the annual export value of China's pharmaceutical equipment industry has reached 23.075%. With the continuous development of domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry, as well as the continuous technological breakthrough of some powerful enterprises, more and more pharmaceutical machinery enterprises are on the road of international development while meeting the domestic market demand.


For example, pharmaceutical machinery enterprises have been gaining new markets overseas. At present, they have successfully entered western Europe, North America and other high-level markets, and some high-level production lines such as anti-tumor have also entered the European and American markets. Especially in the European market, compared with the previous five years, there has been a significant increase.


From the perspective of low-cost pharmaceutical equipment, we need to speed up the pace of internationalization of pharmaceutical equipment, but we need to improve the overall competitiveness of pharmaceutical equipment from low-cost to high-level.



High end


With the advantages of low price and convenient maintenance, the domestic medicine machine has basically realized the import substitution in the low-end field, but it still needs to continue to make efforts in the middle and high-end market. In recent years, the industry has also generally recognized that China's pharmaceutical equipment industry is lack of high-end equipment, lack of high-tech high-end pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers and other issues.


Since the beginning of this year, some innovative enterprises have begun to make efforts in the high-end field, and have made some progress. For example, the high-end pharmaceutical equipment industrialization project of Xinma pharmaceutical is expected to be officially put into operation by the end of this year. The start of the project marks the further upgrading of technological innovation of Xinma pharmaceutical. At the same time, the company will form a whole industry chain of solid preparation laboratory, customized, production-oriented and closed production lines, and become a complete solution provider providing stable and reliable solid preparation equipment for domestic and foreign customers.


With the promotion of consistency evaluation, normalization of procurement with volume, and continuous upgrading of domestic pharmaceutical industry, upstream pharmaceutical equipment has also begun to pursue high-end technology and equipment. In addition, a series of policies support the development of high-end pharmaceutical equipment. The industry expects that the market demand of medium and high-end pharmaceutical machinery in China will break out in the future.





With the innovation and diversification of users' demands, customized services launched by pharmaceutical machinery enterprises are becoming more and more popular in the market.


Since this year, more and more small and medium-sized pharmaceutical machinery enterprises, on the basis of doing their own products well, have launched personalized customized services as a breakthrough point, docking their products and increasing the added value of their products.


Among them, many pharmaceutical machinery enterprises launch different sizes, different types and different structures of equipment for different application occasions or different enterprise scales. For example, in May this year, a pharmaceutical company purchased a pharmaceutical equipment company and found the sales personnel of a pharmaceutical equipment enterprise. After inquiring about the basic parameters and prices of the electrothermal constant temperature blast drying oven, they gave their own specifications and parameters. After the two sides reached a cooperation agreement, the enterprise customized a batch of electrothermal constant temperature blast drying boxes for customers, which were recognized by customers.


Under the background of fierce competition in the pharmaceutical machinery industry, personalized customized service provided by pharmaceutical machinery enterprises is often more conducive to further winning the market initiative. It is worth mentioning that most of the domestic pharmaceutical equipment enterprises are small and medium-sized, which have shortcomings in technical innovation and experience, and need to deal with the tests in technology, talents and capital.





With the change of the demand and requirement of downstream pharmaceutical enterprises, intelligence will become an important development trend of pharmaceutical equipment industry. Especially since this year, affected by the special period, the relevant pharmaceutical enterprises are facing the challenges of capacity expansion. In this context, there is a strong demand for transformation and upgrading of pharmaceutical equipment, especially traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical equipment. Intelligent production equipment of traditional Chinese medicine, such as intelligent decocting machine of traditional Chinese medicine and intelligent dispensing machine of Chinese medicine formula granules, have been widely used, and the industry has accelerated the transformation from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing".


In an interview with pharma.com, a pharmacist said that it is not only necessary to provide customers with automatic equipment, but also to realize intelligent equipment and informatization in the future. It is reported that the company has been able to provide the entire intelligent equipment from the provision of automation equipment in the past few years. At the same time, it is also making efforts in informatization to further guarantee the normal production of customers.


The industry pointed out that it is of great significance for pharmaceutical equipment industry to enter the intelligent era. On the one hand, it can help the efficient and high-quality production of drugs and reduce the occurrence of quality and safety accidents; on the other hand, it can also help the regulatory authorities to achieve more digital and transparent monitoring.