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Daily Maintenance Skills Of Tablet Press Machine Mould In Pharmaceutical Field

Daily Maintenance Skills Of Tablet Press Machine Mould In Pharmaceutical Field

Dec 13,2019

Daily Maintenance Skills Of Tablet Press Machine Mould In Pharmaceutical Field


Tablet press belongs to a kind of pharmaceutical processing equipment, which is suitable for tablet pharmaceutical tablet forming. In the process of tablet pharmaceutical production, tablet press mold plays an important role in the quality of products.


For example, the punch hole of the rotary tablet press becomes larger, resulting in uneven punching packing, resulting in non-compliance of the product weight difference or cracks; the length of the punch body varies, directly affecting the product weight difference and hardness, resulting in cracks, or affecting the brittleness; the punch has edge gouging, curling or uneven punch, resulting in one-sided cracks, stick punching, etc. Therefore, before using the die, we need to pay attention to inspection and necessary maintenance or replacement to ensure the stability of product quality and continuous tablet production, and reduce the cost of the enterprise.


In addition, it is necessary to check and maintain the die of powder tablet press after installation and use, so as to ensure that the equipment is in good condition when the next enterprise uses it. Therefore, in the daily management, the operator must pay attention to the daily maintenance, maintenance and storage of the tablet press mold to ensure the quality of the products. In this regard, there are tablet press equipment manufacturers to share the daily maintenance and service skills of the tablet press mold, mainly divided into five points, for industry reference only.


First, if the pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise newly purchases the full-automatic tablet press mould, it is necessary to let the tablet press mould be received and accepted by the workshop mechanic, and then it will be handed over to the tablet pressing team leader for re confirmation. Under the condition of ensuring stable operation of the equipment, it can be put into production.


Secondly, in terms of equipment storage, it should be noted that the workshop machinist needs to remove the outer packaging after receiving it, clean and disinfect it with 95% ethanol after removing the antirust oil, and then store it in the mold room for future use. When storing it, it needs to place the area according to the model and sheet type, with obvious signs.


Thirdly, before using the tablet press mould, it is necessary to check whether the specification and model of the pharmaceutical tablet press mould are consistent with the required specification and model.


Before the mold is installed, it shall be wiped with a clean cloth, and then wiped with 75% ethanol. After the ethanol volatilizes, it shall be installed for use. The industry reminds that in the process of installation, attention should be paid to check whether the punch is consistent with the die, handle it with care, and pay attention not to mix the old and new dies, and evaluate or test the control and influence on the difference of sheet weight when they are not mixed.


Fourthly, the pharmaceutical tablet press mould shall be returned to the mould management room and cleaned in time after use. 95% ethanol shall be used for cleaning. During cleaning process, attention shall be paid to check whether the mould is damaged. The damaged ones shall be picked out in time, and the repairable ones shall be repaired. The unrepairable ones shall be reported to the workshop mechanician for evaluation, scrapping and registration.


Fifthly, if the die of the fully automatic rotary tablet press is not used for a long time after cleaning, a layer of antirust oil shall be applied. When it is stored, it shall be placed according to the machine type and the sheet type, and obvious marks shall be set at the same time.


It is suggested that the temperature and humidity of the room should be ensured during the storage process to avoid the mould rust of the pharmaceutical tablet press. If the humidity of the room is too high, the dehumidifier can be opened to keep dry, and the mould room should be kept clean and dry. No other items except the mould can be stored in the mould room.