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How To Deal With The Increase Of Slice Weight Difference In High Speed Tablet Press Machine

How To Deal With The Increase Of Slice Weight Difference In High Speed Tablet Press Machine

Dec 16,2019

How To Deal With The Increase Of Slice Weight Difference In High Speed Tablet Press Machine


Tablets are solid preparations made of tablets or special-shaped tablets after evenly mixed with drugs and excipients. Because they are simple to take and easy to carry, the market size of tablets has been growing continuously in recent years. With the upgrading of consumption level, people's health awareness has been strengthened, while the demand for management and treatment of common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and chronic diseases has also increased. The management and treatment of these common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and chronic diseases are closely related to the use of tablets.


Among them, the high speed tablet press is used to press all kinds of granular raw materials into round and shaped pieces, is suitable for mass production of basic equipment. Compared with the conventional tablet machine, high-speed tableting machine production efficiency higher, preforming more stable quality, and high speed tableting machine through double suction device can absorb the dust produced during the machine is regulated, avoid caking congestion, and recycled raw materials to use, to achieve the effect of environmental protection, which has been widely used in many fields.


In the face of increasingly fierce market competition environment, China's high-speed candy tablet pressing machine industry is also constantly strengthening the ability of independent innovation, market vitality and the release of innovation. At present, the high speed tablet press can press all kinds of granular materials into circular tablets, suitable for laboratory trial production or mass production of various tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, shaped tablets. Generally, the high speed plate-making enterprises can also provide moulds of various shapes according to customers' requirements to meet users' different needs.


However, there is a user response, high - speed effervescent tablet press in the use of the process, sometimes there will be increased piece weight difference. Why? In the process of tablet pressing, weight difference does not exceed the limit specified in the pharmacopoeia, only qualified, but in the process of tablet pressing, if there is an increase in weight difference, the reasons and treatment are as follows.


First, Chinese medicine press punch length is not neat, easy to cause the difference in the weight of the increase. In this case, check each punch with a caliper before use and then use it again. If a few pieces are light, it may be because of the failure of the downstroke motion, resulting in less filling of particles than others. Therefore, individual downstrokes should be checked out to eliminate obstacles.


Second, dry powder tablet press hopper or granulator blockage. It is understood that in the tablet segment, if the tiny particles, and viscosity or is wet and particles in the occasional cotton waste, pills, such as foreign bodies with, would be easy to make the material flow, reduce to join die particles, affect weight, if you have heavy suddenly lose situation, should immediately stop check equipment.


Third, the grain causes the change of slice weight. The particles are too wet, too much fine powder, too much difference in particle size, and the lack of lubricant in the particles, can also cause the change of the difference in weight, at this time should improve the quality of particles.


Summary, high-speed tableting machine in the tablet segment weight difference increases, mostly due to the tablet machine fault or negligence on the job, so the user in the tablet press before and after work, should do a good job in maintenance of the equipment operation have carefully check before parts without damage, the proposal, to a certain time (10-20 minutes) piece of heavy once, piece of heavy whether suitable for regulation.