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Structure Of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Structure Of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Dec 11,2019

Structure Of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine


The fully automatic capsule filling machine consists of an empty capsule discharge device, a capsule distribution device, a powder discharge device, a metering plate mechanism, a capsule filling and sealing mechanism, a box main drive mechanism, and an electrical electrical control system.


1, empty capsule discharge device: composed of hoppers and transmission lines, the main storage of empty capsules and empty capsules one by one vertical into the capsule division device.

2.The capsule distribution device: Enables the empty capsule to enter the selection fork of the distribution device, and the selection of the fork to move down will send the next six capsules at a time, and the rubber cap will be on it. At the same time, the vacuum separation system passes the capsule into the module and separates the body cap.

3, powder discharge device: consists of powder bucket, powder bucket screw, down material transport Guandeng, mainly under the screw and stirring effect of the stored powder has control into the metering plate.

4, measuring plate mechanism: according to the capsule specifications and the amount of the matching measuring plate specifications. Powder in the intermittent rotation of the measuring plate through five times filled compacted into the column, and pushed into the next module of the capsule.

5, capsule filling and sealing mechanism: When pushed into the capsule body under the drug column capsule, the upper and lower modules of the rubber cap and the lower capsule body push up to buckle it.

6, Box main transmission mechanism: box through the motor, Box type faucsen intermittent rotary mechanism, gear pairs, deceleration, cam pairs and chain transmission mechanism to complete the power required to implement the work, at the same time, frequency converter motor frequency conversion speed regulation function.

7.Electrical control system: controlled by PLC system to display the process elements of each capsule filling.


Automatic capsule filling machine filling dose is accurate, easy to operate, novel structure, beautiful shape, is the current pharmaceutical industry filling capsule medicine economical practical equipment.