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Maintenance Of Automatic Hard Capsule Filling Machine

Maintenance Of Automatic Hard Capsule Filling Machine

Dec 10,2019

Maintenance Of Automatic Hard Capsule Filling Machine

(1) when the machine works normally for a long time, the parts that are in direct contact with the drug should be cleaned regularly. When the drug batch is changed or the time of withdrawal is long, the parts should be cleaned regularly.  

(2) the transmission mechanism under the working table of the machine should often add appropriate amount of lubricating oil (grease), in order to reduce the wear of moving parts.

(3) the filling machine runs 250-300h to replace the lubricating oil in the main drive drop box. Check the reducer of powder feeding mechanism and replenish lubricating oil.

(4) the safety clutch is up when the machine is overload protection, when the normal load should not slip of the clutch, but due to the long time use also may appear the phenomenon of slippage, when the slippage phenomenon in a normal use, clutch round nut can be tighten, ensure the machine run properly in order to achieve the purpose of protection.  

(5) the vacuum separator of the vacuum system mainly plays the role of inhaling the capsule into the upper and lower modules and separating the cap and body in the hard capsule filling. If the capsule cannot be separated from the cap and body, subsequent filling will not be possible. If the separation of capsule cap and body is not smooth, check the gap between the upper plane of the vacuum separator and the lower plane of the lower module. If the gap is too large, the vacuum degree of the vacuum system cannot reach the vacuum degree required by the separation of cap and body. When need to adjust the position of the vacuum separator, turn the main motor shaft by the handle, make the vacuum separator to rise to the highest position, loosen the adjustment of the machine mesa falls at the ends of the rod lock nut (a left-handed nut, a right-handed nut), and then turn adjusting screw to adjust the height of the vacuum separator, then lock nut and turn the main motor shaft test by the handle until it is right. For the vacuum system, change the circulating water in the circulating bucket once a week to ensure the cleaning of vacuum pump; Regularly turn on the filter to remove clogged dirt.

(6) check the tightness of the transmission chain once a week. Adjust and remove grease and grease.

(7) check regularly whether the axial fan is well-ventilated; Ensure the inverter heat dissipation is good; If the main engine is stopped due to abnormal conditions in the working process of the frequency converter, the reason for the abnormal conditions should be found according to the display code on the frequency converter, troubleshooting, cutting off the power supply of the frequency converter. After triggering the display to go out, switch on the power supply again and restart the machine.