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How to improve the extract Extract Paste collection rate of the Heat reflux herbal extraction and concentration System?

How to improve the extract Extract Paste collection rate of the Heat reflux herbal extraction and concentration System?

Issue Time:2021/07/27

Compared with the traditional concentration process, the Heat reflux extraction and concentration process has strong adaptability, high Extract Paste yield, short extraction time, and lower temperature than the traditional concentration process, which saves solvent to a certain extent and has a high degree of automation, The required labor cost is small, and it is widely favored by the market. 


According to the industry, in the work process of Heat reflux extraction and concentration, the work of collecting Extract Paste is a crucial link. The determination of the yield rate is very important for the extraction of medicines and new articles, and it is directly related to the selection of future dosage forms and the determination of preparation technology.

Among them, in the field of Medicinal Herbal Plant, the extracts paste yield is an important production management index in the pharmaceutical industry of Medicinal Herbal Plant, which is directly related to the quality and cost of the product. The higher the yield of Medicinal herbal plant, the more complete the extraction of the medicine, and the more pure the composition of the medicine to a certain extent. Therefore, Medicinal herbal plant medicin manufacturers and manufacturing companies attach great importance to the yield of medicines. So, for manufacturing companies, how can we increase the Extract Paste yield of the Heat reflux extraction and concentration process system?


According to experts, the yield of extracts paste is mainly calculated by dividing the amount of extracts produced by the amount of medicinal materials. It generally refers to the yield of dry extracts. In the measurement, you can absorb 25ml of the solution with a constant volume. After the solution is dried, put it into a weighing evaporating dish and perform vacuum drying treatment until it reaches a constant weight. The formula for calculating the concentrates yield: Cocentrates yield (%) = (Dried Extracts x dilution factor/medicinal material weight) x 100%. The main method to increase the yield of Extract Paste is to pay attention to the appropriate amount of solvent in the process of heat reflux shrinkage extraction, increase the extraction time within a certain range, and increase the number of extractions reasonably.

Pay attention to material selection

Technical personnel in the industry said that first of all, in order to increase the yield of Extract Paste, more attention must be paid to the selection of materials. The particle size of the material and the scale that can be carried by the heat reflux extraction and concentration equipment should be controlled.

In addition, some materials are difficult to concentrate and extract. For example, if some medicinal materials with less powder content are concentrated and extracted, no matter how the process is improved, the extracts yield cannot be improved.

Pay attention to the order of feeding

In the process of collecting Extract Paste, the order of feeding is very important, and it must be accurate to ensure the success of Extract Paste collection.

Reasonable planning and extraction of process parameters

The extraction process parameters affect the cocentrates effect and success rate of the medicine. The parameters include soaking time, heating time, holding time, intermediate stirring or circulation time, etc. 


To sum up, to improve the rate of medicinal herbal plant concentration collection requires the selection of materials, to control the scale of the feeding and the particle size of the feeding medicinal materials, to ensure that the feeding sequence is accurate, and to plan the extraction process parameters reasonably. The industry reminds that if the Extract Paste collection rate has not been improved, it is necessary to consider converting the process or reformulating the formula.

It is reported that due to the late start of the research on the extraction and concentration process in our country, the experience in the extraction and concentration of animals, plants and other medicines is not mature enough, the heat reflux extraction and concentration process system is currently a relatively common method for extraction and concentration. As an important index in this system, the Extract Paste collection rate must be improved. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the principle of proper amount to control the Extract Paste collection rate within a reasonable range.