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In the next five years, continuous production mode may become the development direction of solid preparation industry

In the next five years, continuous production mode may become the development direction of solid preparation industry

Nov 27,2020

In the next five years, continuous production mode may become the development direction of solid preparation industry


Solid preparation is a kind of dosage form which is widely used and has many varieties, and occupies an important share in pharmaceutical preparations. In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry has led to the growth of the total output value of the domestic pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, it also brings opportunities to the domestic solid preparation equipment enterprises with advantages. However, with the continuous promotion of the medical reform policy and the rising cost, the solid preparation production enterprises are under greater pressure, and the solid preparation production equipment enterprises need to develop in a more efficient, more economical and more flexible direction.




Not long ago, the relevant person in charge of a pharmaceutical machinery enterprise said in an interview that the continuous production mode is the development mode that the company has been exploring and practicing now and in the future. "In the next five years or so, this model may become a development direction that the industry needs to study, such as solid preparations and injections


It is understood that continuous production is the process of product manufacturing, which needs to be closely connected before and after. That is, from the raw materials into production to the finished products, according to the process requirements, each process keeps continuous.

The author understands that in order to help the solid preparation enterprises realize continuous production and promote the innovation and development of the industry, at present, the solid preparation equipment enterprises represented by large enterprises are starting to develop and layout new technologies.




For example, solid preparation equipment manufacturing enterprises provide innovative solutions for the continuous production of solid pharmaceutical, paving the way for more efficient drug production. "From powders to tablets and capsules, our focus is on technology and services, allowing customers the flexibility to develop, produce and package their products," said the company's relevant person in charge. Our bright spot is that we can make products from batch production to continuous production. "


Some enterprises have also invested in the construction of intelligent solid preparation equipment for traditional Chinese medicine, which is used for the production of capsule, tablet, granule, soft capsule and pill. It is reported that the project can produce 6 billion 500 million capsules per year, 1 billion 300 million capsules of soft capsules, 3 billion 300 million tablets of Chinese medicine tablets, 2400 tons of granules, 273 tons of pills, 1 billion tablets of chemical tablets, 110 million capsules of chemical drugs, 220 million adhesive patches and 50 million 50 million gels. At the same time, raw materials, packaging materials storage and transportation, preparation production, finished products warehousing and other links will achieve process, continuous, automatic, standardized operation.




Since this year, with the continuous promotion of procurement policy with volume, solid preparation enterprises, especially those winning the bid, are facing great challenges in cost control and how to ensure production capacity and quality. Continuous production mode may become a new research and development direction.


At the recent inter enterprise intelligent manufacturing exchange meeting, 4 + 7 pharmaceutical companies with volume procurement made continuous manufacturing experience sharing and discussed the continuous production mode of solid preparation. It is reported that the pharmaceutical company has accumulated rich experience in the field of continuous manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, and is continuously exploring to build a large-scale and green lean factory. It will reduce the cost investment through scale effect and lean production, so as to ensure the stability of product quality, price and supply.