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What happens when the spray dryer does not dry or not heat up?

What happens when the spray dryer does not dry or not heat up?

Nov 16,2020

What happens when the spray dryer does not dry or not heat up?


In medicine, chemical industry, food and other fields, spray dryer is a common material drying equipment, playing a major role. Data show that in 2017, the total market size of the global spray dryer was US $1 billion 68 million, and the market scale increased steadily in recent years. It is estimated that the market will reach US $1 billion 611 million by the end of 2025.




But many users reflect that in the process of using spray dryer, the equipment often appears not dry, not warming or drying effect is not good, how is this one thing? How to solve this problem?


A factory technician said that when the spray dryer appeared in the above situation, do not worry first, you can check it yourself first. If you can solve it yourself, you can solve it yourself.


"For example, if it is caused by heating element failure or thermal overload cut-off, it can be solved by itself." The technician said that the reason for the general non drying is that there is no proper air flow in the spray dryer, and only by improving the airflow condition can it solve the problem.




If the problem is not caused by air flow, you can refer to the following methods:


1. check whether the hose of the spray dryer is clogged or bent, because clogging or bending will affect the air flow outflow machine, resulting in bad air circulation, hindering the normal temperature rise of the dryer, and thus affecting the drying effect.


2. if the hose is not blocked or bent, it is necessary to check whether the material is overloaded. Once the material is overloaded, it will cause blockage of the spray dryer and make the air unable to achieve free circulation.


3. once the spray dryer overheat, it will not only affect the performance of the machine, but also easily damage the machine. If the thermal overload has been cut off, a simple reset can be made; if the spray dryer is seriously damaged, it is necessary to find professional maintenance personnel to deal with it.




In the industry view, in fact, these failures in spray dryer are normal, because the equipment is just like a car, good products are easy to wear and wear for a long time, and have a certain impact on the performance. "Like a car needs maintenance, spray dryer usually should also pay attention to maintenance, in order to make the machine better maintain stable operation state, so as to better serve the production."


For example, in the maintenance of spray dryer, attention should be paid to cleaning and keeping equipment clean. If dirt is present, clean up in time. When cleaning the spray dryer, special attention should be paid to dehumidifiers, gas scavenging devices and fans, so as to prevent the flow of water into these devices during cleaning. At the same time, regular inspection is also a task that can not be neglected. Users need to check and adjust parts of spray dryer regularly, add lubricating oil to lubrication parts and parts in time.


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