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High speed mixing granulator how to reduce heat loss? try this optimization!

High speed mixing granulator how to reduce heat loss? try this optimization!

Aug 18,2020

High speed mixing granulator how to reduce heat loss? try this optimization!


In the production of solid preparation tablets, mixing and granulation are the key to determine the quality of compression tablets or capsules. In a sense, granulation is the key basis. In the past, wet granulation equipment was widely used in the industry, but now wet granulation equipment has developed to high-speed mixing granulator, which is a kind of solid preparation pharmaceutical equipment which develops rapidly in recent years. By combining mixing and granulation two-step process, it not only saves time but also meets GMP requirements, reduces cross pollution and improves efficiency, which is welcomed by users.



It is supported by the machine body, the pot is the feeder, the stirring rotation and the cutting flying knife drive are the power. The material is stirred by the stirring paddle to make the materials roll and mix evenly in a short time. Then the particles are made by the cutting flying knife, and then they are removed from the discharge port to change the rotation speed of the mixing and cutting flying knife, so as to obtain the particles of different sizes.



The high-speed mixing granulator adopts horizontal cylinder structure with reasonable structure. Pneumatic seal drive shaft can be switched to water when cleaning. Fluidization granulation has good fluidity and spherical shape. Compared with the traditional process, the adhesive is reduced by 25%, and the drying time is shortened. Each batch of dry mixing for 2 minutes, granulation for 1-4 minutes, the efficiency is 4-5 times higher than the traditional process. It is completed in the same closed container, dry mixing wet mixing granulation, and the process is reduced to meet GMP standard. The whole operation also has strict safety protection measures.



The high-speed mixing granulator is very convenient to use, but the heat loss in use is always large. Therefore, we should take corresponding measures to reduce the relevant consumption, which can not only improve the work efficiency, but also increase the overall economic benefits. According to industry insiders, there are generally two ways to reduce heat loss: avoiding overload of high-speed mixing granulator and optimizing heat transfer. However, the more effective way is to strictly control the fuel air ratio, and operate close to the fuel air ratio, so as to control the fuel consumption. Usually, the existing control equipment can be used for maintenance. The main operations are as follows:


1. Direct heat recovery products. If the exhaust gas leaving the high temperature part can enter the relatively cold feed load, the energy will be transferred to the preheating load, which will reduce the energy discharged by the exhaust pipe, which can effectively utilize the waste heat in the exhaust gas.


2. Use waste heat recovery to preheat combustion air. This is often used in medium and high temperature industrial furnaces. Burners using preheated air reduce the amount of fuel required to meet the requirements of process heat. Preheating combustion air requires a heat exchanger or regeneration.


3. Waste heat boiler. The boiling granulator manufacturer introduces that it is a choice to use waste heat boiler to recover part of the waste gas heat, which requires steam or hot water. The waste heat boiler is similar to the traditional boiler, with only one exception. It is heated by the waste gas flow in the high-speed mixing granulator instead of its own burner.