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Automatic High Speed Cake Condom Bottle Cartoning Machine

Automatic High Speed Cake Condom Bottle Cartoning Machine

Automatic High Speed Cake Condom Bottle Cartoning Machine
Automatic High Speed Cake Condom Bottle Cartoning MachineAutomatic High Speed Cake Condom Bottle Cartoning MachineAutomatic High Speed Cake Condom Bottle Cartoning Machine
CategoriesCarton Packing Machine
OperationTouch Screen
TypePackaging Line
Packaging MaterialPaper,Cardboard
ApplicationMachinery & Hardware
Other namebottle cartoning machine
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Update TimeJul 23,2024
Detail Information


ZH-300 Automatic High Speed Cartoning Machine is our company mechatronics products by many years of production experience and using advanced technology development. The machine has feeding  manual folding  Kit expansion  put material and instructions into the box  lot number  sealing  output finished product etc

The machine adopts automatic control, electricity, light and gas to realize the automatic production of medicine package, Advanced detection means are adopted in each operation, Automatic rejection of unqualified products, 100% Ensure the qualified rate of finished product, Control human error to the minimum, Effectively prevent the degradation quality of material in the packaging process,  Ensure the processing of packaging, completely meet the requirements of GMP, And greatly reduce the production cost and labor intensity.


Machine use balcony structure design, construction of innovative compact design and ergonomics that operators can maximize access equipment and clean, the balcony hanging structure, running from the scattered dirt, will fall to the vacant slot machine under the unified collection, easy to clean. And the whole body of stainless steel package, closed circuit and gas circuit structure, which makes the machine more humanized design, the drive device is positioned in the rear of the machine, open the side of the operator, in line with the GMP requirements, it is very easy to operate. Innovative compact design and ergonomic structure allow the operator to maximize access to the equipment and clean, all simple and easy to operate.

Performance characteristics

1. The equipment cover is made up of 304 stainless steel cover and aluminum alloy toughened glass door. Aluminum Alloy toughened glass door built in Schneider switch (CE certified) protection, open the door machine in the normal production process, the machine will automatically stop working, protect the safety of the operator.

2. The equipment adopts horizontal box, Putting the box into the rotation chain through the sucker, the chain with the same direction of rotation and continuous operation, The chain rotation in the same direction and continuous operation, carton and materials are prone to packaging.

3. The machine adopts continuous box, the machine in a stable running state of the box, mechanical operation noise and load minimization.

4. The drug into the box with a long multi station into the box, and push drugs and in a state of carton synchronously, with the linear cam will push drugs within a certain distance into the box into the box, the drug in any state without impact.

5. The control system uses man-machine interface touch screen and the machine dialogue, to achieve the adjustment of each station program, the production of machinery statistics. Function of fault alarm and display.

6. The program using the PLC full automatic control, photoelectric detection device, can be installed less than cardboard and carton board automatic display, alarm and automatic elimination, ensure the discharge port 100% of qualified product output. And automatically count on the screen.

7. The main motor adopts variable frequency speed regulation.

8. This machine adopts many high reliable mechanical overload automatic protection device, so that the operation of the sudden situation, the machine can be self-protection, to avoid damage.

9. No need to replace parts in the variety conversion, can be directly through the adjustment mechanism for conversion, each adjustment components using adjustable handle fastening screws fastening, easy to operate, without tools can be adjusted.

10. All parts of contact with drugs include two stage hopper, are made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials, in line with "GMPrequirements.

11. The main function: manual automatic folding (1-4 fold) material conveying; automatic feeding, automatic feeding; expansion, carton box, manual and automatic material synchronous printing (three) batch, automatic carton sealing, automatic elimination of waste.

12. Suitable for objects: bubble cover plate, injection tray, bottle, ointment and rectangular or flaky objects.


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