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LTN-1/250 GMP Standard Olive hemp oil ethanol extraction machine equipment

LTN-1/250 GMP Standard Olive hemp oil ethanol extraction machine equipment

LTN-1/250 GMP Standard Olive hemp oil ethanol extraction machine equipment
LTN-1/250 GMP Standard Olive hemp oil ethanol extraction machine equipmentLTN-1/250 GMP Standard Olive hemp oil ethanol extraction machine equipmentLTN-1/250 GMP Standard Olive hemp oil ethanol extraction machine equipment
CategoriesExtracting and Concentrating Machine
The volume of extracting (m³)1
Concentrating quantity(kg/h)300
Raw Material Input Capacity (kg)100-150
Capacity of Concentrating Evaporator250kg/hour
Steam ConsumptionSteam Consumption
Water Circulation Capacity15-25T
The time of extraction (h)8
Concentrate density (%)1.2-1.35
The work temperature of extracting and concentratiWater: 50-90°C Alcohol: 40-80°C
Whole Unit Size9000*4000*6000mm
Unit PriceUS $ 30000 / piece
FOB portNingbo
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
Update TimeMay 19,2024
Detail Information

LTN Series High Efficiency Low Temperature Extraction and Concentration Production unit

Product Descripton:

Traditional Chinese medicine hot backset current low temperature draw low temperature concentrate unit comprehensive backset current, ooze and filter drawing, adverse current and hot backset current extraction and concentrate four kinds of principles. abstraction, concentrate two processes go on at the same time, one finish traditional medicine draw, concentrate the new craft of traditional Chinese medicine, take to change the draw pot keep high temperature with atmosphere fry the craft of boiling, utilize vacuum to shoulder proceed low temperature draw and low temperature concentrate, make working temperature to draw pot control in 60-80°C, concentrate temperature control in 50-70°C, guarantee crude drugs effective composition the distillation loss. Meanwhile draw and concentrate produced two steam enter backset current condenser become hot condensation liquid, falling back to and drawing it the pots, add to the crude drugs as the new solvent, the new solvent is passed the crude drugs layer from top to bottom, having played a oozing and filtering dynamically role, the soluble material which dissolves the crude drugs reaches the draw pot bottom, enter the concentrating device to concentrate again. According to practical experience and study for many years, hot condensation liquid of backset current invite within 2.5-3 hours drawing former solvent of pot all change once, can keep a higher density to the draw pot crude drugs in unit time.

Machine Features:

  • Low temperature densely: The main solvent is water and ethanol in the Chinese extracted, if adopt the low extracting and low concentrating, the water extracting is control in 50℃-90℃, ethanol extracting is control in 40℃-80℃. Because of the low extracting, it can avoid the Chinese medicinal materials active ingredient, especially the organisms activated not easy to destroy, at the same time it can avoid producing the inefficacy ingredients in the high temperature, such as dextrin, colloid, tannin etc, improve the products quality, convenient for isolation and purification.
  • High drawing rate: Because of the extracting pot at the condition of the vacuum pressure and low temperature, it can enable the Chinese medicinal materials cell to expedite expand, cell membrane broken at once, at cell inside, it stripping the active ingredient. And the continuously supplement of the reflus-norma new solvent, which it enable the solvent played at the medicinal materials surface and penetrate into the medicinal materials interior, improve the medicinal attrition elution-force and the solubility, the medicinal material and the solvent keep higher gradient of concentration and extend ability, having accelerated the dissolving out of solvent of active principle of the medicinal materials ,improve the extracting rate and the harvested ointment rate of the Chinese medicinal material.
  • Save the solvent: Only need to join 8 times of solvents of crude drugs quantity once, utilize new solvent conduct of hot backset current to hot backset current to supplement, which the backset total is equal to the old extracting need 2-3 times join solvent total, it save the solvent 50%-60%, also it can increased the collecting volume of medicinal materials.
  • Save steam, the unit in closed and low temperature operation, all maintained liquid temperature in the tank keep in 50-90℃, heated steam pressure in atmospheric conditions, can significant reduction of the steam power consumption.
  • Design innovation: Through the vacuum of the vacuum converter and the height difference of the vacuum height suction of the key design, it shorten the extracting and contracting time, improve the medicinal harvested ointment rate and some active ingredient keeping rate.
  • Advanced craft: Extracting concentrating is go on meanwhile, completion gets medicinal extract directly, shortens the craft.
  • Computer controlled: Adopt the PLC main-machine interface, vacuum converted timing ect, also it can setup the temperature controlled, vacuum controlled, density controlled and production original recording printing device.
  • Lower costs: The all right equipment of aircrew simplifies, washed the convenient, the whole closed operation, has no environmental pollution, compared with necessary equipment of traditional craft, the equipment reduces by 1/3, the occupation of land reduces by 2/3, investment can save by 40%, energy consumption can be reduced by 40%, the attendant reduces by 1/3, so the production cost can be reduced by about 50%.

Processing Principle: Craft process chart

Installation Diagram:


Compare Form: (Model LTN-6/1500)

Machine Main Technical Data:



The volume of extracting (m³)


Concentrating quantity(kg/h)


Raw Material Input Capacity (kg)


Capacity of Concentrating Evaporator


Steam Consumption


Water Circulation Capacity


Power of Vacuum Pump


The time of extraction (h)


Concentrate density (%)


The work temperature of extracting and concentrating (°C)

Water: 50-90°C Alcohol: 40-80°C

Whole Unit Size


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