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Tube filling and sealing machine

Tube filling and sealing machine

Jan 6,2022

Tube filling and sealing machine is a high-tech product which successfully developed and designed by adopting advanced technology from abroad and strictly meet GMP requirement. PLC controller and color touch screen are applied and made it possible for programmable control of the machine. It can perform the filling for ointment, cream jellies or viscosity material, sealing or tail folding, batch number embossing (include manufacture date) automatically. Its ideal equipment for aluminum tube filling and sealing for cosmetic, pharmacy, foodstuff and bond industries.



Q1Can the tube filling machine be able to fill different tubes on one machine?

AYes, the tube filling machine can fill tubes of different sizes on one machine.


Q2How to realize the filling volume of the tube filling machine from 5ml to 500ml?

ATo ensure the filling accuracy, you need to add 2 sets of canned pumps.


Q3Tube filling and sealing machine:

There are 70g and 150g plastic tubes, do I need to change the mold for different filling quantities? Is this filling volume controlled by touch screen?

ALTRG-60P tube filling machine is mechanical control (manual control).

LTRG-80P tube filling machine is automatic control (touch screen control).

For 70g and 150g tubes, when the tube length is different and the diameter is the same, there is no need to change the membrane. When the diameter changes, the mold must be replaced.


Q4What is the longest length that can be made for the LTRG 30 and 60 tube filling machines?

AThe standard length of LTRG-30 tube filling machine is 200mm, the longest can be 225mm.

The standard length of LTRG-60 tube filling machine is 210mm, which can be extended to 240mm.


Q5How many heating methods does LTRG-30 tube filling and sealing machine have?

ALTRG-30 tube filling and sealing machine is divided into external heating, internal heating and ultrasonic.


Q6How many heating methods does LTRG-60, 80, 110 tube filling and sealing machine have?

AInternal heating and ultrasonic.


Q7What is the difference between the internal heating and external heating of the tube filling machine?

AThe inner heating seal has better appearance, because the seal is performed from the inside of the tube.


Q8With the new TubPro-60 filling machine, can the tube end style be changed during sealing?

A: It can be changeable, additional costs are required.


Q9Can the motor be replaced by Siemens for the new type TubPro-60 tube filling machine?

AThe main motor can be replaced with a stepper motor and a servo motor.


Q10Does the tube filling machine have the function of automatic feeding empty tube?

AYes, tube filling machine can automatically send empty tubes.


Q11Tube filling and sealing machine:

In addition to the difference in filling materials, what are the advantages of ultrasonic sealing compared with heat sealing?

AUnless the material is special, there is no way to use ultrasound.


Q12What is the heat sealing temperature? What is the ultrasonic sealing temperature?

AThe heat sealing temperature is generally about 400 degrees for the heater, and the temperature at the end of the sealing is about 200-300 degrees.

Ultrasound sealing is generally about 40 degrees.


Q13Generally speaking, is ultrasonic sealing recommended for flammable materials?

AYes, ultrasonic sealing can be applied to some materials that cannot be heated.


Q14What is the function of the chiller in the tube filling machine? Where is the production batch number?

AThe chiller is used to cool the internal heating device. The production lot number is in the heat sealing position.


Q15Can the filling volume of the new TubPro-60 tube filling and sealing machine be adjusted by HMI?

AThe touch screen can be adjusted, but additional costs are required, servo system needs to be added, and the following mechanical transmission also needs to be adjusted.


Q16The new TubPro-60 tube filling and sealing machine , what are the materials of the material contact part and non-contact part of the machine?

AThe material contact part of the machine is SS 316, and the non-contact part is SS 304. The material will be certified before shipment.


Q17For the new TubPro-60 tube filling and sealing machine, how many tube samples do customers need to send over for mold or test machine?

AOnly 5 samples are enough to make the mold, and the test machine needs at least 300.


Q18The new TubPro-60 tube filling and sealing machine, does the machine need an additional chiller? Or does the machine come with it?

AA chiller is needed to make plastic pipes.


Q19How to use aluminum tube instead of plastic tube in the tube filling machine?

ABy replacing the sealing device.


Q20Introduction of 12 stations of tube filling machine.

AStation 12: Falling pipe, pressing pipe (pressing pipe into mold cup)

1: Benchmarking

2: Vacuum and blow (add nitrogen)

3: Automatic filling

4: Plastic pipe/composite pipe heating

5: Plastic tube/composite tube sealing (print batch number) (aluminum tube saddlefold needs to be replaced at this station)

6-8: Folding and sealing of aluminum tube (single-side folding)

9: Aluminum tube printing batch number

10: Plastic pipe trimming

11: Out of the tube


Q21The tube filling machine needs to be equipped with Audit Trial. What exactly does the audit trail track?

AThe audit trail is that the operation of each step required by the drug needs to be recorded.


Q22How does the tube filling and sealing machine prevent air from entering the tube?

A1. Nitrogen can be used to remove the air in the tube from the station before filling the material.

2. There is a gas head on the top of the filling head to blow off the material, and nitrogen can also be passed (Fill with nitrogen after filling the material).


Q23Can the tube filling machine fill 1-3ML? Can glue be filled? Does it need to be heated and stirred?

Athe tube filling machin can be filled with 1-3 ml, and the filling glue does not need to be heated.


Q24Tube filling and sealing machine: There are several forms of the effect of pressing the aluminum tube.

A3 types.


Q25How many stations does the LTRG-60 tube filling and sealing machine have, and how many stations does the LTRG-80 tube filling and sealing machine have?

ALTRG-60 tube filling machine has 9 stations and LTRG-80 tube filling machine has 12 stations.


Q26What is the default material of the tube filling and sealing machine LTRG-60 and LTRG-80?

AThe material contact part is 316L, the other part is 304L


Q27For LTRG-60 tube filling and sealing machine, what is the default barrel for fine filling?

A60L, single layer 316L material, if jacket, heating and stirring functions are required, additional costs are required.