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Labeling Machine

Labeling Machine

Nov 30,2021

Q1:The difference between a servo motor and a stepper motor.

AThe servo motor is more stable. But when the labeling speed is below 50 bottles, there is no difference.


Q2:Can the labeling machine be connected to the existing blister packaging machine?

AYeslabeling machine can be connected with blister packing machine.


Q3:What kind of bottle is the maximum speed of MT-200 automatic labeling machine?

AUsually it is a bottle with a diameter of below 200mm can be worked on MT-200  automatic labeling machine.


Q4:Different bottles are used in the same labeling machine, do I need to change the mold?

AThere is no need to change the mold, just adjust it according to the size of the bottle. But if the bottle height changed, it may require to change Label Rolling station, so before you order labeling machine, you’d better to tell your bottle size range.


Q5:Can round bottle labeling and square bottle labeling be on the same automatic labeling machine?

AYes, you can use round bottle and square bottle on the same labeling machine, but you need to figure it out before you order labeling machine, because we need to add some parts on the labeling machine to work with both bottle shape.


Q6:When the label width changes, do I need to replace the label/pressing roller?

AYes, you need to change the label roller, which is usually made according to the largest label at the beginning.


Q7:If the label size exceeds the machine size of MT-200, which labeling machine is used?

AIt depends on the specific size, and the labeling machine can be made according to specific requirements. 


Q8:How many samples are needed for the labeling machine while we need to  test the machine?

AAt least 20 bottles are required for one type of bottle. The label sample needs to be at least one roll.


Q9:How to locate the round bottle labeling?

AUse photoelectric eye and servo for positioning the labeling.


Q10:What is the main purpose of the coding machine?

AUsed to print drug tracking codes: barcodes, QR codes, etc. It has the traceability function of pharmaceutical production. Of course, you can also print batch number for the coding machine as well on labeling machine.


Q11:Can the labeling machine put two labels on one side of the bottle?

AYes. The labeling machine has this function.


Q12:If the label paper of the round bottle is not self-adhesive and has no stickiness, can I use the model MT-200 labeling machine?

ACannot be used. The MT-200 labeling machine is only suitable for self-adhesive label paper. If the label paper is not sticky, you can choose a paste labeling machine (also called a cold glue labeling machine).


Q13:Is there a labeling machine or printer that prints a QR code on the label?

ACan use laser, thermal transfer, inkjet printer.