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Do you know? Daily, monthly and annual maintenance content of purified water equipment

Do you know? Daily, monthly and annual maintenance content of purified water equipment

Sep 30,2021

Purified water can be used as raw material production, separation and purification, finished product production, cleaning and washing water, and it is widely used in biopharmaceutical, medical equipment and other industries. In recent years, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry and stricter quality standards, in order to meet the corresponding water quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical factories usually need to use purified water equipment to prepare purified water, thereby improving the production water environment and enhancing competitiveness.

It is worth mentioning that after the purified water equipment is put into use, users should operate the water purification equipment in accordance with the specifications and scientifically. At the same time, maintenance work is also required to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the system and the water production standards, and to extend the service life of the water purification equipment. It is understood that according to the different maintenance cycles, the maintenance of purified water treatment equipment can be divided into daily maintenance, monthly maintenance, and annual maintenance. Let's look at it together. 

Daily maintenance

The daily maintenance of purified water equipment mainly includes pre-start, post-start and post-stop inspections. Each of these tasks is very important. In order to ensure the long-term stability of the system and the safety of water production, production factory should pay more attention to them.

For example, before starting up, you need to check whether the power supply is normal, whether the compressed air supply pressure, the raw water supply pressure, etc. are within the normal range, whether the equipment valves are in a normal state, whether the air pipes and water pipes are leaking, and whether the fasteners such as clamps and bolts are firm, etc. 

After starting up, you need to confirm whether the main control program is running normally, the running conditions of the water pump, the water pressure of each operating pressure gauge, and whether the product water quality inspection meets the requirements, and whether there are abnormal noises in the pipelines, pumps, and valves.

If the purified water is shut down, you need to clean the equipment, confirm that the automatic valves return to the initial state, drain the remaining water in the storage tank and pipeline, and ensure that the main power, air, water and steam valves are all closed

Monthly maintenance

The main content of monthly maintenance of purified water treatment equipment includes three aspects. First, the salt tank, chemical tank cleaning and water storage tank are cleaned regularly. The industry pointed out that, especially the purified water tank, production factory should clean and disinfect after monthly or quarterly shutdowns to prevent the growth of microorganisms; second, regularly replace the purified water treatment equipment precision filter PP filter element, respirator filter element and other consumables in the filter, so as not to affect the water quality; third, regularly check or inspect the measuring instrument, if the instrument is found to be damaged or the deviation exceeds the standard, it should be replaced in time. So calibration for Water Purification system measuring instrument is required. 

Annual maintenance

The annual maintenance of purified water treatment equipment mainly includes four aspects. First, replace the consumables of the multi-media filter, softener, and activated carbon filter; second, check the protective cover of the electric control part, check the terminal block, check the waterproof seal of the electric box, replace the filter cotton of the electric box fan, and Dust removal inside the box; third, dismantle and clean valve diaphragms, quick-release pads, steam Y-type filters, traps; fourth, check and tighten mechanical parts such as valve screws, handles, and water pump couplings.

According to the industry, the good working performance of purified water treatment equipment is not only related to the quality of the equipment produced by the supplier, but also the operation and maintenance of the equipment also plays a very important role. Therefore, it reminds companies that they need to do daily, monthly, and annual maintenance. The work plan is executed in strict accordance with relevant regulations, so as to continuously obtain high-quality purified water and ensure the healthy and stable operation of pharmaceutical production.