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Intelligent Tablet Film Coating machine plays a great role in covering up the bad smell of medicine

Intelligent Tablet Film Coating machine plays a great role in covering up the bad smell of medicine

Sep 30,2021

Intelligent Tablet Film Coating machine plays a great role in covering up the bad smell of medicine

With the improvement of medical demand, the production of medicine is increasing. Some medicine are easy to produce pungent and unpleasant taste in the production process, which makes it difficult for patients to take medicine.

In order to help patients take medicine, many pharmaceutical companies use tablet film coating machines. The author learned that the tablet film coating machine can be used to improve the appearance, facilitate identification, cover up bad smell, facilitate patient swallowing, reduce gastrointestinal reaction, control drug release, and change drug release curve.

At the same time, the tablet film coating machine can also keep away from moisture, light and air, so as to increase the stability of medicine. Compared with sugar coating, it has the characteristics of short production cycle, less materials and strong moisture resistance. The film coating process can be divided into water-soluble coating process and organic solvent coating process according to different solvents.

According to relevant experts, after the tablet film coating machine is started, the domestic tablets make complex movement in the stainless steel coating pot under the action of gravity and friction. 

After the film coating auxiliary materials are evenly sprayed on the surface of the tablets, the tablets are dried by the hot air sent into the coating pot. In this way, the coating film on the surface of the tablets is uniform after multiple cycles, and then coloring and polishing are carried out to make the tablets more beautiful and convenient for preservation and differentiation.

"The advanced tablet film coating machine has the advantages of convenient operation, beautiful appearance and convenient cleaning. The coating pot is made of stainless steel meeting the requirements of GMP; the internal and external surfaces of the coating pot are polished and bright, without dead corners, sharp corners, scaling, easy cleaning and pollution," said the tablet film coating machine manufacturer.

At present, tablet film coating machine mainly has three different coating methods., Fluidization Granulation coating method, Rotary Tablet Film Coating method and Tablet Inner Core Coating., .

As for the principle of fluidized coating granulation, some manufacturers said that it is basically similar to the principle of fluidized granulation. The fluidization coating method is mainly to place the chip core in the fluidized bed, introduce the air flow, suspend the chip core in the coating chamber by the power of the rapidly rising air flow, and turn it up and down in the fluidization (tablet film) state

Then spray the solution or suspension of the coating material into the fluidized bed in an atomized state, so that a layer of coating material is evenly distributed on the surface of the chip core, and dry it with hot air, so as to coat repeatedly until the specified requirements are met.

Second, rotary coating method. Rotary coating method, also known as pot coating method, is a classic and widely used coating method, which can be used for sugar coating, film coating and enteric coating, including ordinary rotary coating method and buried tube coating method.

Third, suppression coating method. The press coating method generally adopts the combination of two tablet presses to implement press coating, which is to connect the two rotary tablet presses with a single transmission shaft.

Specifically, when coating, first press the material into a tablet core with one tablet press, and then transfer the tablet core to the die hole of another tablet press by the transfer device. In the transfer process, the fine powder outside the tablet is removed by the suction pump.

Before the chip core reaches the second tablet press, part of the coating material has been filled in the die hole as the bottom layer, then the chip core is placed on it, and then the coating material is added to fill the die hole for the second time to press into coated tablets.

The manufacturer said: "the pressing coating method can avoid the adverse effects of moisture and high temperature on medicine. The production process is short, the degree of automation is high and the working conditions are good, but the precision of tablet pressing machinery is high."