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LTPM CHINA takes you to understand the automatic electronic counting machine

LTPM CHINA takes you to understand the automatic electronic counting machine

Aug 31,2021

LTPM CHINA takes you to understand the automatic electronic counting machine


The automatic electronic counting machine is mostly used in the pharmaceutical, hospital and other industries to count capsules, tablets, granules and other medicines. The machine is small in size, light in weight, accurate in counting and easy to operate. The contact surface of the counting items is made of stainless steel, which is an ideal equipment for counting bottled, bagged and canned products in various related industries.


The automatic electronic counting machine adopts internationally advanced vibrating multi-channel feeding, computer control, dynamic scanning counting, system self-checking, fault indication alarm, automatic shutdown and other advanced technologies. It is designed according to GMP standards and is integrated with light and motor. High-tech medicine counting and filling equipment. It can be widely used in the rapid counting and bottling of various shapes and sizes of tablets, capsules, pills, transparent soft capsules and other medicines. The counting and bottling accuracy has reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad.


The anti-high dust electronic counting technology adopted by our automatic electronic counting machine has the following characteristics:

1. Strong compatibility, high accuracy rate, wide application range, counting and bottling of tablets, capsules, and soft capsule pills;

2. It has strong applicability and can work stably even under high dust conditions;

3. Vibration type unloading, unique flap and sub-assembly mechanism does not damage medicines;

4. High degree of intelligence, with multiple detection and alarm control functions such as no bottles, no counts, fault self-checking, etc.;

5. Fully automatic operation, intelligent joint control with the upper and lower processes, good coordination, no need for special personnel to operate, saving labor;

6. Small footprint and low cost of use;

7. It is convenient to change varieties, can be automatically raised and lowered, and does not require any tools for disassembly and clearing, which is convenient and quick;

8. The control chip is *, the structure is exquisite, there are no expensive wearing parts, and the maintenance cost is low. 


In daily operation, what safety precautions should be paid to the automatic electronic counting machine?

1. Pay attention to the voltage at the inlet of the electrical installation board in the chassis.

2. The equipment is confirmed to be installed smoothly.

3. When maintaining, clearing the site, or repairing the equipment, pull out the connectors. It is strictly forbidden to pull the wires. Grasp the plug head and pull it out slowly to avoid breaking the circuit.

4. The power supply must have a reliable grounding. The main power supply should be cut off when replacing, plugging in or unplugging the power plug.

5. The power supply must be cut off when the equipment is maintained, cleared, and cleaned. For example, when cleaning components such as the medicine bucket and vibrating plate, do not splash the cleaning liquid on the electrical components.


Solutions to 3 common problems of the automatic electronic counting machine:

1. Aiming at the problem that the unloading bin of the automatic electronic counting machine is affected by the gravity of the material.

You can consider dividing the silos into constant heavy warehouses and non-constant heavy warehouses. In this way, the influence of the gravity of the material on the separation condition of the material in the vibrating plate can be effectively processed. Regarding the problem that the time for the material to fall from the memory baffle to the bottle is too long, it should be considered to add another level of memory baffle, which can deal with the following problems. It is necessary to be able to divide the material from the memory baffle down to the moment the bottle is divided into two points, the filling time of the bottle is shortened, and the memory baffle is closed when the bottle is loaded. The counter continues to work, so that two actions can be completed, the unloading and bottling of the previous bottle and the counting of the next bottle, and the production speed has been improved. Secondly, it can deal with the problem of electrostatic adsorption of materials.


2. Ways to avoid static electricity.

You can add partitions or attach non-materials to the inner wall of the shattering shield to prevent electronic handling. Add a grounded power cord and equipment connection to the shattering shield to effectively discharge static electricity and avoid static electricity. Adjust the position of the memory baffle and the shattering shield so that the recall baffle can completely block the material, and the shattering shield can ensure that the medicine particles enter the packaging bottle smoothly. When the device adjusts the machine, the level of the vibrating plate is adjusted backward, so that when the vibrating plate stops vibrating, the material cannot naturally fall into the detection channel and cause false counting. The element of the material, the appropriate vibration frequency is set for the capsule, tablet and pill. Periodically use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from tablets and capsules.


3. Ways to improve cylinder sensitivity.

Strictly control the water content of compressed air. Especially the operating conditions of the air dryer should be kept stable. Strictly control the entry of non-cylinder grease into fulfillment components. Be sure to replace the original cylinder when repairing and replacing fulfillment components. When conditions permit, it is better to replace the performance components of all channels at once to ensure the consistency of the sensitivity of the performance components. Reasonably adjust the machine parameters, prepare the counting and counting speed to make the product achieve a good separation effect. Then improve the production speed and counting accuracy. For setting the separation speed, try to set the separation speed as close to or the same as the counting speed. According to experience, the separation speed should be 5-10% lower than the counting speed value.