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Principle, characteristics, maintenance and repair of high speed mixing granulator

Principle, characteristics, maintenance and repair of high speed mixing granulator

May 28,2021

Principle, characteristics, maintenance and repair of high speed mixing granulator


The high speed mixing granulator is a new type of granulator, which integrates crushing, mixing and granulating. Driven by a special impeller, the machine can rotate, propel and scatter the materials, and can achieve ideal mixing in a very short time. Then, under the action of binder, the fully wetted soft material is made, and then under the action of special granulating paddle, the uniform particles are quickly cut.


The high speed mixing granulator is supported by the fuselage, the pot is the material container, the stirring rotation and the cutting flying knife transmission are the power, the material is stirred by the stirring impeller, so that the material can be rolled and mixed evenly in a short time, and then the particles are made by the cutting flying knife, and then discharged from the discharge port, and the rotation speed of the stirring and cutting flying knife is changed, so as to obtain different sizes of particles. High speed mixing granulator is a kind of equipment which can mix different powdery materials in one process and make granules. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.


Principle of high speed mixing granulator:


The high speed mixing granulator uses the high-speed side slice and the bottom plane rotating blade to mix the powder of different particles under the condition of cross rotation. Because the bottom, middle and upper parts of the mixing tank are parallel, cylindrical and conical design, the powder raw materials are continuously brought to the center of the tank during the mixing process, and acted by the strong and powerful shear fracture force of the secondary shaft, The granulation effect of up-down and rotary flow will be formed in the tank.



Features of high speed mixing granulator:


1. Short granulating time and energy saving.

2. The whole operation has strict safety protection measures.

3. Compared with the traditional process, the adhesive is reduced by 25% and the drying time is shortened.

4. The machine adopts horizontal cylinder or conical structure, users can choose freely.

5. There is no dead angle in the inner surface of the equipment, and it works in a closed state, meeting the requirements of "GMP".

6. The prepared granules have uniform texture and good fluidity, providing ideal granular raw materials for tablet pressing process.

7. Each batch is only dry mixed for 2 minutes, granulation for 1-4 minutes, the efficiency is 4-5 times higher than the traditional process.

8. When the difference between the main drug and excipients is large, it can still achieve uniform combination without stratification.



Maintenance of high speed mixing granulator:


1. The extension time of the machine is 10 seconds from the closing of the last motor. Therefore, the extended time should be checked before using the machine, which can only be adjusted by professional personnel, and the interlocking time should not be changed arbitrarily.

2. The vent hole and observation hole on the material pot cover are equipped with protective strip, which can't be removed at will.

3. When changing the product or batch number, clean the seal (after cleaning the material pot). The cleaning and sealing steps are as follows:

(1) Supination of the centrosome (left rotation);

(2) Remove the pad and remove the mixing slurry with the slurry extractor;

(3) Loosen and remove the screws before removing the seal assembly. Clean and check the components, which should be intact, or replace them;

(4) Clean the sealing chamber with brush and water;

(5) After the seal is dry or a new seal is replaced, apply lubrication to the flange on the shaft seal ring.

4. Check the V-belt once a week to ensure there is no serious wear and proper tension. Otherwise, replace the V-belt or adjust the tension with screws. The reducer uses 90 ° oil. After 1500 hours of operation, the oil in the reducer will be completely changed, and then the oil will be changed every six months.

5. The shredding part shall be disassembled and cleaned every month, and lubricating oil shall be added once.

6. Always observe the two water leakage holes on the rear lower plate of the equipment, which are connected with the drainage pipes of mixing seal and chopping seal. When the water leakage occurs in the water leakage hole, it indicates that the sealing rings of mixing and chopping are damaged and should be replaced in time.