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The way of label breakage of labeling machine

The way of label breakage of labeling machine

Feb 26,2021

The way of label breakage of labeling machine


In the process of the rapid development of the pharmaceutical market, labeling machine also plays an increasingly important role in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. At present, the common labeling machines on the market include dry adhesive labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, round bottle labeling machine, hot melt adhesive self-adhesive labeling machine, etc. These labeling machines can paste labels on flat surface, single or multiple sides of packaging, cylindrical pasting, partially or completely covered cylindrical pasting, concave and corner pasting, etc.




No matter what type of labeling machine, understand the structure, principle and correct operation mode of the equipment, in order to play the role of the labeling machine, but in the actual production process, the labeling machine will also encounter some small problems, so in order to better ensure the normal and stable operation of the work, users also need to know the common problems and solutions of the labeling machine. In this paper, the label on the labeling machine is damaged and broken, and the relevant reasons and solutions are analyzed.


First, the label edge of the bottom paper cracking phenomenon. This is a common phenomenon of label fracture. In the process of label transportation and processing, it is easy to make the bottom paper of the label edge crack and cause small cracks, and there is a certain tension in the labeling machine, so the bottom of the label is easy to crack. In addition, improper adjustment of the roller on the labeling machine may also cause the bottom paper of the roller at the edge of the label to break and the label to break. In view of the above situation, the user needs to check carefully when loading the label paper roll, and select the label paper without cracks.




Secondly, the label is rolled too tightly, which leads to adhesive leakage and label fracture. If the finished label is rewound too tightly, and the labeling machine has a certain tension in the labeling process, when the label roll with leaking glue is used for automatic labeling, the bottom paper will be affected by the tension, and the label will break. The industry pointed out that this situation is due to the tension of the backing paper and irregular fracture, so the user must carefully check when rolling up the label.


Third, the peeling layer is damaged. If the peeling layer (usually silicon oil layer) of the label backing paper is damaged, the label will also be broken. The main reasons for the damage of the release layer are the defects in the production and coating of raw materials, and the improper technology in the inspection and replenishment process of the printing factory. This also reminds users that in the process of purchasing the labeling machine, they should pay attention to choose reliable and quality guaranteed manufacturers.




Understanding the common problems and solutions of the labeling machine is conducive to the timely maintenance of the equipment. However, in the process of using the labeling machine, regular maintenance of the equipment is also very important, which is the key to ensure the longevity and stability of the labeling machine equipment. It is understood that in general, after using the equipment, attention should be paid to keep clean, and the mechanism of the labeling machine equipment, such as friction roller, electrical box, should be cleaned to ensure the cleanliness of the next use and prevent pollution.




At the same time, users also need to do regular inspection and maintenance, in order to maintain the normal operation of the machine, including but not limited to: clean up the waste paper and debris; remove the oil residue from the roller and the edge; use a soft brush or cloth to clean the sensor lens; regularly replace the fuse, the equipment uses AC power supply, to use the fuse to prevent overload; rust, use anti-corrosion Spray all stainless steel and iron parts with rust oil and wipe them with soft cloth.