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Bottle washing machine cleaning effect is not ideal? What is the solution?

Bottle washing machine cleaning effect is not ideal? What is the solution?

Dec 22,2020

Bottle washing machine cleaning effect is not ideal? What is the solution?


In the process of pharmaceutical production, bottle washing machine is also an indispensable part, and the technology of domestic bottle washing machine has reached a very mature level. However, there are often feedback from users that the washing effect of bottle washing machine is not ideal after using for a period of time, which can not meet the requirements of production. So, what's going on? What are the reasons? How to solve this problem?




In this regard, the technical personnel of the manufacturer analyzed that there are many reasons for the poor cleaning of the bottle washing machine. For example, the low temperature of the cleaning fluid will affect the cleaning effect. In this case, the temperature of the cleaning fluid should be adjusted in time.


If the nozzle of the equipment is blocked, the cleaning effect will also be affected. In this case, the user should dredge the nozzle in time and insist on cleaning and dredging regularly.


In addition, if users choose too many bubbles from cleaning equipment, they will also affect the cleaning effect. It is suggested that the cleaning agent should be improved.


The above situation is mainly due to external factors. In fact, the selection of equipment is also very important. At present, the bottle washing machines on the market are uneven, and the quality is good or bad. Users should recognize the reputation and reputation of the manufacturer when purchasing the equipment, and only by comparing the products with three manufacturers can they select the equipment with reliable quality and help the production.




Of course, in addition to the unsatisfactory cleaning effect of the bottle washing machine, heating up, insufficient spray pressure, and serious damage of utensils are also common failures. Users are required to understand the causes and solutions of these problems.


For the problem of slow temperature rise of the bottle washing machine, the technical personnel said that if the washing liquid temperature rises slowly during normal operation of the bottle washing machine, it may be caused by the following two reasons: the condensate water of the heater is not discharged smoothly, in this case, the bypass valve of the steam trap can be opened to drain it; the scale of the heater is accumulated, and the thermal conductivity is affected, so it should be removed regularly Dirt.


If the spray pressure is insufficient when the bottle washing machine is running, the cleaning effect may be affected by the following three reasons:

1. The cleaning fluid is insufficient and the liquid level is low, so the cleaning fluid should be added to raise the liquid level;

The water pump should not run normally as soon as possible;

3. The filter debris is accumulating continuously, and it is not cleaned in time, and the resistance is large. It is recommended to clean the filter as soon as possible to remove the debris.


In addition, if there are more broken bottles in the bottle washing machine after cleaning, it may be caused by the following three reasons:

1. If the quality of glassware itself is poor, the qualified glassware should be replaced in time;

2. In case of some failure of the instrument, the technical engineer shall comprehensively check the instrument, find out the cause and solve it in time;

3. The bottle temperature is too low when entering the bottle, and the temperature changes suddenly, which can increase the temperature of the bottle.


Generally speaking, in order to achieve the ideal bottle washing effect, the bottle washing machine needs good quality, correct and scientific operation, and maintenance and inspection work in advance, such as cleaning filter debris, heater scale, and checking whether the instrument can operate normally. In this regard, it is also recommended that users do their homework before using the bottle washing machine, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the cleaning work, and ensure that the bottles after cleaning are intact and achieve satisfactory results.