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3D mixer plays an important role in mixer Market

3D mixer plays an important role in mixer Market

Oct 19,2020

3D mixer plays an important role in mixer Market


Many pharmaceutical, chemical, light industry and other industries will use mixing equipment, mainly including: V-type mixer, double cone mixer, 2D mixer and 3D mixer, etc. Among them, 3D mixer occupies an important position.


3D mixer is a commonly used mixer. We know that it is composed of frame, transmission system, electrical control system, multi-directional motion mechanism, mixing barrel and other parts. The mixing barrel directly touching materials is made of stainless steel, and the inner and outer walls of the barrel are polished.


The core component of 3D mixer is mixing cylinder, and its structure is also the most important. The mixing cylinder is made of high-quality stainless steel, and its inner and outer walls are polished. The cylinder has good air tightness, smooth surface, no dead corner, no residue and easy cleaning. The feed inlet is sealed with clamp flange, which is easy to operate and has good air tightness. The discharge end uses the unique planning of the migraine cone, and the asymmetric planning is more conducive to the uniform mixing of materials. When discharging, the discharge port is at the lowest position of the mixing container to discharge the materials together.




The two most taboo points of mixer in material mixing are as follows:

1. The existence of centrifugal force in mixing can cause segregation of mixed materials with different densities;

2. The mass and accumulation movement of the mixed material is that the material can not be effectively dispersed and mixed.


The motion state of 3D mixer overcomes the above disadvantages, and it is the ideal high-efficiency mixing equipment in the world.




The 3D mixer moves in a three-dimensional three-dimensional space. It may be a unique translation, or it may be a single rolling or rock movement. The material is in a complex motion state in the mixer barrel, so a replacement pulse occurs, which can continuously urge animal feed.


Because of the 3D motion, the turbulence will have a variable energy gradient, so that the particles in the material have different motion conditions, and each particle in the frequent movement dispersion constantly changes their position, which will have a satisfactory mixing effect. When the three-dimensional mixer is in operation, because its mixing barrel contains multi-directional rolling action, it will make all kinds of materials in the mixing process virtually speed up the activity and dispersion effect, but at the same time, it also avoids the phenomenon of material specific gravity segregation and stacking under the effect of centrifugal force, and can be mixed without dead angle It can effectively ensure the best quality of mixed materials.




What are the advantages of 3D mixer in operation?

(1) Because of its advanced structure, convenient operation, safe operation and easy operation, the three-dimensional mixer also has cantilever type double spiral shaft without bottom bearing, which can eliminate the fault caused by the powder penetration of the bottom bearing, thus greatly shortening the time.

(2) In the process of operation, the mixing speed of 3D mixer is fast and the quality is very uniform.

(3) The energy saving effect of the three-dimensional mixer is also obvious in the operation process.

(4) The mixture of three-dimensional mixer is stable, and there is no stratification and segregation.