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The Selection Of Materials For Effervescent Tablet Pressing

The Selection Of Materials For Effervescent Tablet Pressing

Jun 19,2020

The Selection Of Materials For Effervescent Tablet Pressing


Effervescent tablet pressing machine is a kind of automatic rotating and continuous tablet pressing machine. It is also a special equipment for chemical, food, electronic and other industrial enterprises to press granular raw materials into tablets or granules, which is suitable for small batch production. At present, the effervescent tablet press on the market can press all kinds of special-shaped, circular and double color tablets, and can press tablets with trademark, text and simple figure on both sides. It is equipped with overload protection device. When the pressure is overloaded, it can automatically shut down. This kind of tablet press improves the uniformity of tablet density and reduces the phenomenon of split and loose tablets.




At present, the special tablet press for effervescent tablets is widely used in laboratories, hospitals, scientific research institutions and other places. According to the industry, when the effervescent tablet press is used to press the tablet, the material is selected reasonably, and the tablet or powder that is pressed can achieve satisfactory effect. Generally speaking, the selection of materials needs to pay attention to the following items.




The materials needed for the effervescent tablet should have good fluidity and be easy to flow into the mold hole evenly to fill a certain amount. At the same time, it also needs to have a certain viscosity, so that the pressure can form a piece, but the industry also reminds that it can not be too sticky, or it is difficult to demould.


Auxiliary materials are mainly used as fillers, adhesives, wetting agents, lubricants and disintegrators in effervescent tablets. It is understood that some excipients often have several functions, such as starch can be used as filler, adhesion and disintegration. Therefore, users need to master the characteristics of various excipients and apply them reasonably in the design of ingredients, which can not only save excipients, but also improve the quality of effervescence.




The hygroscopicity of materials should not be ignored. For example, sugar powder is easy to absorb moisture, which will make the effervescent tablet soft and deliquescent. Users should pay attention to it.






The selection of adhesive has a great influence on the quality of finished products. If the viscosity is not enough or the dosage is too little, the pressed product is easy to loosen and break, but if the viscosity is too strong or the dosage is too much, the particles will be too hard, and the effervescent tablet sugar made is not easy to dissolve or disintegrate. Syrup is a kind of adhesive with strong viscosity, and the sugar flakes are hard.


When using dextrin as adhesive, it is understood that if the amount of dextrin is too large, the particles will be too hard, and the surface of the extruded sugar tablet often has spots and pits, which will affect the disintegration speed of the effervescent tablet.


In production, dextrin is seldom used alone. It is often combined with starch or sugar powder in proper proportion, or used with starch in effervescent tablet sugar which is easy to be crisp.


4.Acid and alkali materials


Acid and alkali materials have certain influence on effervescent effect and production. Three points are pointed out in the industry.


First, the proportion of acid and alkali materials plays an important role in the effervescence effect. Generally, the carbon dioxide content in the finished product is not less than 8%. In order to make the product moderate in sour and sweet, and ensure that the neutralization effect of bicarbonate or carbonate is complete, the consumption of acid is generally slightly higher than that of alkali by 10%.




Second, if citric acid must be used in the formula, the humidity and temperature of the production workshop must be controlled within the recommended humidity temperature, otherwise it is difficult to achieve non stick punching.


Third, the citric acid was replaced by tartaric acid or fumaric acid, the effect was better without precipitation. Tartaric acid instead of citric acid, moisture absorption will be greatly reduced, but the taste is not as good as citric acid.


5.Magnesium stearate


Magnesium stearate has a certain effect on the quality. According to the industry, magnesium stearate has strong hydrophobicity, and excessive use of magnesium stearate will affect the disintegration or production of chips.


In the process of tablet pressing with tablet press, magnesium stearate is mostly used as lubricant, but all raw materials and auxiliary materials for making vitamin C effervescent tablets should be soluble in water, because magnesium stearate is hydrophobic and insoluble in water, and the use of magnesium stearate in vitamin C effervescent tablets will produce turbid precipitation phenomenon, so it is recommended not to use or use as little as possible.