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Common faults and solutions of tablet press machine

Common faults and solutions of tablet press machine

Apr 26,2020

Common faults and solutions of tablet press machine


1.Rotary tablet press does not supply oil:

1First, disconnect the power supply of the machine, remove the oil pump cover and the side plate of the oil pot.

2Check whether the oil pump reverses and whether the oil pot is lack of oil and oil.

3If the oil pipe is blocked, take out the anti return check valve in the oil pot, remove the oil pipe, clean it or wipe it clean, and then observe whether the ball is stuck by sundries. Blow air into the oil pot with the nozzle without obvious air leakage feeling, then install the oil inlet pipe, put the one-way valve body back into the fixed sleeve of the oil pot, remove the oil pump outlet pipe and the oil inlet pipe screw, fill the pipe with clean oil, and then install and tighten the screw to prevent oil leakage And air leakage, turn on the power supply machine, run the oil pump and start to work. When the air in the pump is exhausted and the oil is discharged from the oil outlet, replace the oil outlet pipe.



2. Deviation and bending of powder tablet press

1When the pressing plate deviates to one side: in addition to the poor guide during feeding, there is also a gap between the upper and lower shafts which is not parallel. When adjusting, stop the machine to make the driving gear just leave the lifting gear on both sides, turn down the gear on the side with large shaft clearance to make it move a tooth position, and then install the driving gear. Start the machine and adjust the pressure test step by step according to the above method until the requirements are met. (the teeth shall not move too much during adjustment)

2Bending of pressing material: when the pressing wheel is adjusted downward, the feeding amount is too much, so the feeding amount shall be reduced (when the feeding amount is too large, the feeding amount shall be reduced when the adjusting gear is suspended for more than several times and the material is adjusted again)



3.Slipping of triangle belt of pharmaceutical tablet press or replacement of belt


When the belt slips, open the adjusting screw on the side plate to adjust and fix the motor plate, apply the force about 3-4.5kg at the middle of the two pulleys, and the belt should be 10-15mm lower than the original height. When the bottom plane of the V-belt and the bottom plane of the pulley are close to or in contact, when the sail line is exposed and broken, the belt rubber should be replaced in time when it is cracked.


4.High temperature of automatic tablet press

1High temperature of reducer: the normal temperature is that the hand touch is not hot. Stop the machine and check whether the cooling hole is blocked, if any, clean and dredge the channel. Check whether the oil level is too high or too low. The standard oil level should be in the middle of the oil level observation window or the oil level can be clearly seen. If the lubricating oil is dirty, replace it.

2High motor temperature: the normal temperature is that the hand touch is not hot. If the motor fan is damaged or skidded, replace the same type of fan blade; if there is too much dust adhered to the air inlet or debris blocked, clean it up; if the ambient temperature is too high, provide good ventilation; if the load is too large or the working time is too long, reduce the load or pause the motor for a while.


5.Abnormal sound

1 Candy tablet press shaft sleeve: the shaft sleeve is worn out due to lack of oil, and replaced; the oil is deteriorated or the concentration is too low, and there is no lubrication effect, so replace the lubricating oil (it is OK if there is common oil stained with glue)

2Reducer: too much load or insufficient lubrication; gear, bearing and shaft sleeve are worn. Lighten the load or check and repair.

3Motor: when the motor load is too large or the power supply is lack of phase, there will be a great buzz. In case of such a situation, the load shall be reduced or the machine shall be shut down in time. Experienced electricians shall be invited for maintenance and troubleshooting before operation.