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Installation Of Punch Die For Core Device Of Tablet Press Machine

Installation Of Punch Die For Core Device Of Tablet Press Machine

Dec 23,2019

Installation Of Punch Die For Core Device Of Tablet Press Machine


Pharmaceutical tablet press is good or bad has a most reason is determined by the punching machine, in a nutshell is the punching machine is the core of the tablet press device, whether any form of tablet press, such as tablet tablet machine, high speed tableting machine, double tablet machine, double tablet machine, circular piece of tablet press, candy tablet press, etc., all need to be aware of is the installation of punching die!


Before the punching device of rotary tablet press, firstly remove the parts such as hopper, powder feeder, feeder rack, etc., and wipe the working face, die hole and installed punching die piece by piece, make preparations and install according to the following steps.


There is not one punching device, but the upper, middle and lower parts.


In the mold device: in the mold fastening screw on the rotary plate and the rotary plate external circle area, do not make the mold into the head of the head of the screw, in the mold device is very tight, placed to be flat, can be used in the mold batting rod (random tool) is punched into, used for hammer gently, in the mold into the mold. The plane of the hole should not be higher than the plane of the turntable.


Upper punching device: pull the tongue inserted into the gap of the upper guide plate, and apply some vegetable oil to the tail of the middle pole, insert the rod into the hole one by one, rotate the rod with thumb and forefinger, check the head into the middle die up and down and rotate flexibly, must not hard rub phenomenon is qualified, after all installed, pull down the tongue inserted.


Downward punching device: open the small door on the main body and install it by the circular hole of the main body. The installation method is the same as the upward punching method. After installation, the circular plate must be flat.


Even die all suit is finished, will remove the components installed according to the original position and continue to turn the commissioning the handwheel by hand, turn and rotate it 1-2 observation and rushed into the die hole and guide action on the curve, without collision must be flexible and hard brush, start the motor, make run idle for 2-3 minutes, normal can be put into production smoothly.


Installation steps are critical, but adjustment is also necessary. Loosen the locking nut of the connecting rod, turn the upper core rod, turn left to make the upper core rod move downward, and the pressure increases and the hardness of the pressed tablets increases. Conversely, turning to the right reduces the pressure and hardness of the pill. After adjusting the press, use a wrench to jam the six sides of the lower part of the punch rod, and still tighten the locking nut of the connecting rod. So far, the adjustment of the punching die is basically completed, and then start the motor to test more than 10 pieces, check the quality of the piece weight, hardness and surface finish, if qualified, the press can be put into production. In the process of production, it is necessary to check the weight of tablets and adjust them timely.