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Advantage and features on Capsule Filling Machine

Advantage and features on Capsule Filling Machine

Update Time:2019/8/14

Q: How many different capsule size can the capsule filling machine handle?

A: The capsule filling machine can handle standard capsule size from 00# to 5#, even we had designed machine for size 000#, safety type 0# and 0EL size.

Q: Is the machine working for both powder, granule, pellete, tablet and liquid.

A: The same machine can work for powder, granule, and pellet. But If the client requires for filling tablet into capsule, it will be required another model of capsule filling machine, As well as Liquid capsule filling machine.

Q: What kind of the raw material is super suitable for Automatic Capsule filling machine?

A: The raw material which is well granulated with good flow ability and low moisture contain can perfectly work on our capsule filling machine.

Q: Is it easy to work with Herbal Medicine?

A: The client should control the room temperature and humidity well, and also the raw material should be well granulated. Then the machine can easily work for Herbal Medicine.

Q: What is new for LTPM China Capsule Filling Machine?

A: For perfection our client production experience, we develop the machine with Mould Automatic Cleaning system, locking with cleaning system, Eject with cleaning system, Compact and complete Filling Pin Holder, Automatic Capsule Switch and clean powder recycling system.

Q: Lubrication and maintenance for Capsule filling machine.

A: The machine comes with complete sealed turret, so the client can do lubrication once upon a year. The maintenance period will be every 6month for the mechanical system and electrical system. Clients can easily do it follow our Maintenance Manual.