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How to choose CBD oil extraction machine?

How to choose CBD oil extraction machine?

Update Time:2019/8/13

1. Production and operation Safety: The machine must be explosive proof, since it carries solvent while extraction. The most important thing is the machine can hold high pressure while concentration and solvent recovery. Especially if you are adopting CO2 extraction, the machinery manufacturer must have Pressure Vessel certification and ensure the machine can hold 2000-5000psi. for Solvent extraction process, we recommend automatic controlling system for whole process.

2. Equipment Manufacturing process must be accurate and precise, such as the welding internally of the tanks must be electro polished and no dead corner. The machine must be very easy to clean after extraction and concentration, a CIP system is recommended. The connection pipe system must be ASME certified with Orbital welding process.

3. You must clear what kind of finished product you want to achieve. Normally there have two different type oil: Crude Oil and pure essential oil. They use different processing way by different equipment. You must choose a correct equipment supply who can suggest you correct machine with correct process method.

4. Solvent Extraction Process method: You must consider the recovery rate of ethanol, since ethanol is consuming material and expensive. The recovery rate and purity will be very critical consideration while choosing a correct equipment manufacturer.

5. Solvent Extraction Process Method: the most important for solvent extraction is winterization process, because the temperature you choose directly related to the model of compressor chiller.